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~*~Richard Burton Sounds & Movies~*~

The Richard Burton Experience Let's Go Home

Here are some sounds I've gathered. More to come eventually. Thanks to Robert Morgan over at The Richard Burton Yahoo! Club for a bunch of these sounds and clips. Go join his club!

....A *bean bag*! (Virginia Woolf)

....Oink, oink. (Virginia Woolf)

....Mother YOU have my father much offended.... (

....Murder!.... (Hamlet)

....We have to create enough confusion.... (Where Eagles Dare)

Frailty, thy name is woman!.... (Hamlet)

....It's your name colonel.... (Where Eagles Dare)

(Movie clip from Virginia Woolf)

Honey, have a heart. (Night Of The Iguana)

(Richard and three girls sing a foreign song on a boat.) (Obsession)

You know, last night, I dreampt I was climbing a staircase. And I was naked. Except for a comb in me hair, and a jock strap. (Staircase)

(Richard explains how he lost his looks and nobody would wanna see him in tight Italian trousers.) (Staircase)

You silly b!tch! (Staircase)

(Richard sings in The Taming Of The Shrew)

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