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The Little Details

This is where we will talk about all those little extras that seem to pop up along the way. You've got the main things taken care of and you are now ready to think about all the little items, which really is big, because it is the little details that make the wedding so special as well.

There many things to consider. Lets start with the Invitations. Many styles are available and as well, you can make your own now if you have the time. Along with the invitations, the napkins with your name and date on them as well as the little scrolls to match. Matching everything up is one area that really brings a wedding together. Don't forget to order the little rings that go with the scrolls. You can find many exciting ideas for these items at Ultimate Wedding where you will find a lot of ideas for your wedding. You need to decide what you will hand out at the wedding as favours. They can be simple such as hersey kisses wrapped in a colorful paper and tied up to the very elaborate ceramic gifts that we have seen given out. The point is, that this is your wedding, so come up with something that speaks of you when you decide.

One idea that we came up with for our brides was to make a unique garter for them to wear and then the traditional blue one to throw. They really liked this idea as they got to keep one as well.They aren't the hard to make and with a little ingenuity, they can be quite individualized and impressive. Also, it looks really nice when the time comes for him to take the garter off at the wedding to throw if that is a tradition you use. We also made little ones for the flowergirl if they were wearing long white dresses like the bride.

There are gifts for the bridesmaids and ushers to buy for and these can both be personalized and unique. For my matron of honour, I bought her a special ruby and rhinestone necklace to wear the day of the wedding. Make the gifts individualized and different. Yes, it takes a little more time but it will be really appreciated. After all, they are taking their time and money to be in your wedding. Keepsake glasses are nice and there are many different styles to choose from. Something engraved with their name on it shows a little more caring. Think of each person and find something that is special just for them. Take them out for a special dinner. You can spend the time sharing and it will become memorable for all.

There are many ideas for the hall to decorate it with. Many weddings use candleabras, and arches. These should be co-ordinated with the rest of the wedding. Decorating the hall can be a big job so its best to hire someone to do it. Below are some ideas that we came up with for various weddings. At one wedding that we coordinated and decorated, we made a backdrop for her wedding table that was 60 feet long. It was combined with curtains, french doors, and lattice work that we decorated. Bows are inexpensive way to decorate with and add much color and design to a wedding. Make sure you have plenty of them. Table skirting is essential for all the tables such as the gift table, the cake table, and the dessert table.

Below are some various ideas for cakes, caketops, flower baskets and candleabras. The church shown is one that I drew and had built. It was used for the money envelopes and provided something very different. It lit up with real lights on the outside and inside.

Fuscia Cake Top
Purple Cake Top
Blue Assorted Flowers
Fuschia Flowergirl Basket
Peach cake
Red Cake
Salmon Altar Basket
Salmon Candleabra
 Table Centrepiece
Brass Candleabra
Money Church
Flower Arch
Flower Bouquet Stand
Fuschia Flower Bouquet
Purple  Altar Centrepiece
Fuschia Candle Centrepiece

Wedding Backdrop