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The Flowers

Finding your flowers can be a bit tricky but can be accomplished with a little bit of effort.Take the time to check around at a few local florists. Talk to friends that have gotten married. If you are using silk flowers, ask the florist if they make a sample of your bouquet ahead of time. I'm not sure if this is an all around practice, but I do know it was very valuable when I was doing flowers as I always had a happy bride when I was done. Silk flowers allow you freedom from worry about them wilting and they last forever. Mix and match them for an even nicer effect. It all depends on what you desire for the day. Below are some samples of the flower bouquets I made for my brides to be. Don't be afraid of choosing something a little different or colorful either.

pink purple bouquet pink bouquet
purple bouquet purple bouquet
white pearl bouquet red pearl bouquet
peach bouquet candy cane bouquet

This wedding was beautifully colored and very striking. The turquoise and purple looked so rich. The little flower girls wore purple and white polka dots dresses and looked very well with the rest of the party.

turquoise and purple wedding flowers wedding party