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 05.18.01 - The New Administrator

   Hiya! I'm the newest Administrator here! ^_^ My name's Sukoshi Aki. I've just put up the character info. in the Gundam Wing section. Please go check it out! Bye now!

 05.13.01 - Welcome

   Welcome to the Opening of The Anime Gtzone, it is currently under construction but its mostly finish. I open this site so people can look around for awhile and so people can sign up for staff, I'm currently looking some Admins for the site. If your interested click here to fill up the form.  

 05.13.01 - DB will be on TV (original news from 

   "The Dragon Ball air date has been rescheduled from June 4. The new date that Dragon Ball is to begin airing on Cartoon Network is June 25. Dragon Ball is still slotted for 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time, immediately after Dragon Ball Z. The first 28 episodes of DB will air. These episodes will contain the original music from the Japanese series. This series is a blast, so be sure to tune in June 25."

Continue to watch for updates at Remember, if these episodes are successful CN will pick up the entire series, so tell you friends to watch.

 05.13.01 - Gallery

   Hey anime fans, I just finished updating the page lately so you might want to check out the gallery for Dragon Ball and you can now submit me some things to post on the page. Thank you

 05.13.01 - Need Admins!!

  Whats up everybody the site is currently looking for workgroup. So if you are interested and knows HTML just    click on the "Join the staff" on the features section.

 05.13.01 - DBZ CCG #1 (original news from 

  According to the April issue of Scrye magazine, the DBZ CCG is gaining strength and is among the elite in collectible card games. Scrye was very impressed with Dragon Ball Z's quick rise as it is the top CCG for players under 15 and ranks third among players 15-24. This is a huge accomplishment considering that the game is less than a year old and seven out of the top 10 games were released in or previous to 1997. Overall the DBZ game placed sixth among the top 50 CCGs. Thanks to all you dedicated gamers who have helped make the DBZ CCG a smash hit while having a good time gaming.

Be sure to stay plugged in here to see when the CCG and DBZ voice actors will be headed to your neighborhood in the DBZ CCG Hummer.






















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