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Josh's VW Jetta TDI page, dedicated to the A-3 and A-4 body styles with TurboDiesel engine (90 hp / 66 kw stock)

About me (with regards to a VW Jetta):
Since 8. October 1999 I own a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta A-3 chassis sedan with 1.9 litre TDI engine. It runs like a top as of 15.11.1999.
I got it when it had 21,000 miles (34,000 km approx).

I get 43 mpg city and 47 - 50 mpg on the highway. :)

Photo 1: my car Photo 2: my car (other side)

Basically i have a/c, am/fm/cass with option for CD changer, moonroof, power locks, alarm, 2x airbags for front passenger + driver (no side impact bags, that comes starting with A-4), cruise control and the usual number of cupholders for an A-3.
It's like a Jetta GL with some options added, and most importantly the TDI engine!

Listen to how it starts up!

The TDI Engine startup

And now I'm still just under 41,000 miles (May 2001). And my registration is good until August 2001.
Please have a look at my brake repair experience, and don't feel bad if after quite a lot of driving you will have to replace a part or two, they're not meant to last forever after all.

In summer, avoid storing carbonated beverages in the side-pockets! It's a nightmare to clean up.

Now for some nuisances about my car.

My Jetta description page for the A-4

Some test drive reviews:
Jetta TDI (A-4 GLS) test drive May 1999
Note this is the one that prompted me to subsequently purchase my present vehicle.

Golf TDI (A-4) test drive March 1999

Volkswagen main page
Bob Lewis VW/Suzuki in the Capitol Auto Mall in San Jose, CA
Note: they have a second location in Fremont/Union City

Buy your car online!!! No dealer hassle!

Jetta / Golf TDI UPDATE!!!!!!
Why TDI's are rare in California!?!
Other links:
Scott's TDI Page w/ his comments and some sounds and pics
Fred's bit on the TDI engine - very informative!
Here, you'll get to know its big brother the 4 door sedan, as well as the 3 door hatchback.

Many apologies to any viewers who own a Yugo 3-door hatchback, who were offended by my hasty and insensitive description of it. This comment was removed, and in the future, putting down or insulting other people's cars will not be allowed on this site. Your car is a highly valued investment, and this page should promote other people's tastes in automobiles.

Jetta World

see other Jettas and hear about how people like them.

Coming soon

More stuff on my Jetta TDI...

Soon to come: my photos of the San Jose car show on 7. January 1999.
I have a photo of an A-4 Jetta TDI with GLS trim! It's a real beauty!!! It's green with Beige Velour interior plus a center console, but no sunroof.

BTW I didn't get to buy it, it was just for show... :(

Update 22.4.2001:
The Jetta TDI has almost 40,000 miles. It's about time to take it to the VW shop for a maintenance service. The brakes could use some work
Please see my brake repair experience at Midas on 19.5.2001. They are the brake specialists. The rear brakes should last another 50,000 miles.
Update 20.5.2001:
Just topped 40,000 miles today, with new front brakes. Also on my car are two "Türkantenschoner" (door mounted reflectors) and a "D" sticker which I bought in Germany, just north of the Swiss border from Basel.
Cleaning advice
CD changer advice
And please see my side project on Red- Yellow phases of traffic lights
red_yellow_signals Red Yellow

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