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This page is dedicated to the products of the defunct Zastava factory in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. It was bombed in April 1999 by NATO air forces to stop Slobodan Milosevic and, well you know the rest...

By the way we also added a few rare vehicles never seen in western Europe or North America.

Please note, if you drive any of the cars shown in this page, I have eliminated all negative publicity.

What does a Yugo look like?
front_view rear_view
Front view, Rear view. Both pictures taken in Budapest.

It looks like a Fiat 124/127/128 of the 1970's. They were imported into the USA from 1986 to 1990. They weren't great cars to tell the truth. They did get good gas mileage and were cheap when new ($3,990 in 1986).

In the USA only the Yugo 1.1 was available as a 3 door hatchback. The 4-door sedan (which for me, even compare to the 4 door VW Fox imported from Brazil) was available in Eastern Europe. I have seen many when I was in Hungary in early August 1998, as well as Trabants, Wartburgs and Ladas, and yes the usual assortment of Western European and Japanese cars (I did see one Lincoln Town Car in Budapest).

Trabant_in_blue A Trabant in light blue
POLSKI_126_+_LADA POLSKI_126_front_view
A "Polski" Polish made Fiat 126 w/ 2 cyl engine (650 cc)

Yugo did make a cabriolet version, called the "Florida" but still was no match for the VW Cabriolet.

Rare cars:
Oltcit: A Romanian built Citroen.
Oltcit_2dr_Side_view Oltcit_2dr_Rear_view
Photos taken in Prague, Czech Republic

Update 6 August 2000: Please notice, no offense is intended, for people who view this webpage, and actually drive these cars depicted on this page, esp. the Yugo. The previous comments were "Occident-centric", or biased towards the Western European/North American mindset of high reliablity and brand prestige (eg Cadillac, Land Rover, BMW, Volvo) Some of you may have paid lots of money for your car, and you take very good care of it. So whatever you drive, take pride in it.

Update 7 September 2003:
I have been to Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia in August 2003 (apparently on the Croatian "Homeland Thanksgiving Day", hence the stores being closed), and did see more Yugo Korals in Zagreb than Ljubljana.

Photos to come soon.

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