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Harry chasing the snitch!

HEY! My name is Kevin and I hope you like my site! I'm the headmaster to this site and I hope you enjoy it! Please send me any comments or suggestions by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page!

I made this site to...

  • tell everyone I'm a fan of Harry Potter!
  • to try and make a cool site!
  • to get house points for Hufflepuff!

Welcome to my web site! I love Harry Potter and this site is dedicated to him! Please feel free to click on any of the links to get around my site!

*** I really need you to post your reviews of the books. It is really easy just have your favorite book as the title and either tell about the book or tell why it is your favorite book! I would really appreciate it! :0)

Here are a couple of links to get around my site!
Click the books to see book reviews or
click on Harry to hear the low down on the rumors!

Online Hogwarts has a link on the bottom and I suggest you check that out! It is a realistic roleplay Hogwarts site where you can get sorted, play for house points, and join the quidditch team! I go to Hogwarts and got sorted into Hufflepuff!

Click on Hagrid to get a free ride to Hogwarts Online! He was heading there anyway and will be more than
happy to give you a ride!

Hey! Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be e-mailed to me by clicking on Dumbledore!

This actually might be the book 5 cover!

I got this seal from hogwarts online! Please click on the link to Online Hogwarts that is above. It is easy to recognize because it is a big picture of Hagrid!