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Freedom in the United States is in Danger!

Advances in technology have created a threat to everyones freedom.   Illegal surveillance, harassment with sound projection and microwave hearing, and attacks with acoustic and microwave nonlethal weapons put all of us at risk.  Who is using this technology?   It is believed to be a rogue element within our own government, using this technology to promote its own agenda.  They believe they can terrorize anyone into accepting their commands, and enforce their sense of deranged morality on everyone.   Civil Rights mean nothing to this group, including your right to privacy, the right to live where you want, the right to your own religious beliefs, the right to pursue your desired career.

Methods of Operation:

Stalking and Verbal Harassment:

Targeted individuals are harassed at home and stalked and harassed when out in public.   Verbal harassment consists of repetitive phrases, where the same phrase is repeated over and over and over again everywhere the targeted person goes (also known as "catch phrases").   This is done to let the targeted person know they are being stalked anywhere they might go, and also to make the targeted person appear "paranoid".

Harassment with High Technology:

There have been major advances in sound transmission, surveillance, and nonlethal weapons, which this group uses to terrorize its victims.

Sound Transmission:

Microwave Hearing:

These devices use radio frequencies/microwaves to transmit sounds directly into the human audio cortex via a pulsed analog signal.   Anyone outside of the microwaves path will not hear and microphones will not detect these sounds as they are outside the normal audible frequencies.

A NASA report by Kenneth J. Oscar for the US Army states:

"A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves.   When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate (regardless of the persons position in the field) within or just behind the head.  The phenomena occurs at average power densities as low as microwatts per square centimeter with carrier frequencies from 0.4 to 3.0 Ghz.   By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created."

View the article from NASA's technical reports database:   View it

A secondary site with the article is at:

(I have noticed that direct links into government web pages are broken as those sites are updated.   If any link into a government site listed here is broken, go to the top URL and follow the links to get to the correct page.)

Another Internet site describing this technology is at:

A posted article on the  alt.mindcontrol   newsgroup listed the following patents:

A patent for "Microwave Hearing"

Another interesting patent "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves " .

This site lists multiple Patent Numbers that refer to what the author calls the "Patents of Control"

Sound Projection:

There are different methods that can be used to project sound.  One is to transmit two signals that are out of the human audible range to an intersection point where the resultant signal is audible, which is known as Hyper-Sonic Sound transmission.  

Hyper-Sonic Sound
By transmitting two signals that are out of the human audible range to the same point, the resultant signal is designed to be in the human audible range.  This creates the false impression that the sound is originating from the point of the signal convergence, i.e. sounds coming from an empty room. 
This method is known as Hyper-Sonic Sound style of transmission.   It is described at the American Technology Corporations web site:   View a diagram of how its done:  View it

View the MSNBC web article on Hyper-Sonic Sound:   Hearing is Believing

View the USA Today web article on Hyper-Sonic Sound:   USA Today article on HSS

A separate article on the same subject is at:

The Audio Spotlight
And still another article on Hyper-Sonic transmission is called "The Audio Spotlight".   It follows the concept that just as light can be focused into a narrow beam called a laser, then sound waves can be focused into a narrow beam called the audio spotlight.   Only someone in the beam area would hear the sound, while someone a short distance away would not hear anything.   This technology is described at:

Voice Synthesis:

By taking a digital sample of a person's voice, that persons voice can be synthesized.   You may believe you are hearing the voice of someone you know as a member of the stalking group, when it is only their synthesized speech patterns.

A NASA Technical Report on "Speech Research and Instrumentation" states in its abstract the use of "digital equipment for the analysis, reproduction and synthesis of speech".   View the article

Sound Projection and Microwave Hearing are used to terrorize the targeted person.   Someone who is religious and does not know about this technology can be duped into believing they are receiving "divine messages".   This technology can also be used to make the targeted person appear to be schizophrenic.   Voice synthesis can make the targeted person believe friends and family are helping the people stalking them.   The result is the targeted person is described as a paranoid schizophrenic, when in reality they are victims of technology.



Radar/Millimeter waves:

Your every move inside your home can be monitored from outside of your home.   Surveillance tools can penetrate the walls of your house and your image can be located and monitored.

Information on millimeter wave cameras:   nowhere.htm

Select image for full picture.

Pictures from newspapers June 22, 2000.   The inside of your house would look the same, with your every move monitored from outside your house.   Millimeter wave pictures would resemble these.

Thermal Imagers:

Cameras that use heat instead of light to produce an image also exist.   Every move of a heat producing object (i.e. the human body) can be located and monitored.

Select image for full picture.

These type of surveillance tools allow the users to monitor your every move inside your own home, from outside your home.   They know when you watch tv, go to the bathroom, or have sex.


Nonlethal Weapons:

The technology exists to assault you while you are inside your own home.   Directed energy (also known as directed wave) devices using microwave or acoustic energy can penetrate any wall of a home.   Your body will react when hit with these waves.   An impact effect is felt on the skin, along with muscle spasms and twitches to the point of pain occur.   Loud ringing in the ears, nausea, increased heart rate, increased body temperature are some of the symptoms.   The main use of these weapons is to force sleep deprivation, since you will awake when hit with energy of this type.   They will use these devices to keep you awake for days at a time, with the intent of wearing you down until you obey their commands.   The U.S. News and World Report article on Wonder Weapons provides an introduction to these devices.   It describes acoustic effects on the body, stating that acoustic weapons can “make internal organs resonate, resulting in pain, spasms, or even death” and that “acoustic frequencies can penetrate buildings”, allowing them to attack you inside your own home. (Some of these descriptions are in the side graphic windows, and are hard to view at the web site, it is better to view these graphics from the actual magazine article).   Microwave weapons effects on the body are “A heating effect is produced” and that “microwave exposure can lead to memory impairment, cardiac arrest, a stun effect, and seizures”, and “Affects heart rate”.

View the U.S. News article:

The above article is also available at any major public library, ask for the 07/07/97 U.S. News and World Report issue from the magazine section.

A company that makes Acoustic Weapons and advertises them on its web site: and select Law Enforcement Applications (non-lethals).
The main interest is the Vortex Launcher and the Directional Sonic Firehose.  What they don't mention is that these weapons can be used to attack anyone inside their home, as these waves will easily pass through the walls of a house. The main use of weapons of this type is to force sleep deprivation on the targeted person.
Download a Real Media segment of the Discovery Channel program on Sonic Nonlethal Weapons:   Do it

Sonic Bullets
View the ABC News web article on Sonic Bullets:   Sonic Bullets

Sites with more information on the methods and technology used:    and

Site that lists links to other informational sites:


What can you do?

Educate yourself on the technology.   Visit the above web sites, especially the U.S. News and World Report site on Wonder Weapons.   Refuse to cooperate with anyone involved in stalking.   These nazi's recruit people to help stalk and harass their victims.   They might ask you to repeat a phrase when you are near their targeted person, or to provoke a confrontation with their targeted person.   They may falsely accuse the targeted person of committing a crime in order to coerce your help in harassing their victim.

Don't cooperate with stalkers!!!

I have tried several things in an attempt to defend myself from the technology.

I used these items to protect myself from the "directed energy weapon" attacks.   Nothing worked, and the attacks continue today, almost 10 years later.  They use these weapons to force sleep deprivation, which has turned out to be a very effective weapon against myself and others.   The only thing I have found that works is to always carry a voice recorder with me.   This does cut down on the "street theater" that I have to deal with, as they do not want you to have evidence of their verbal attacks.

I have gone to the FBI, the ACLU, and contacted the local newspaper (The Orange County Register) regarding the violation of my Civil Rights and the stalking and attacks I have had to deal with.   The only response I received was from the Register.  A reporter contacted me and said they might do a story.   Of course, I never heard from him again.

If you are attacked:

Network with other victims.   The Mind Control Forum is still the best place to find people to network with.

Anyone who is in the Los Angeles/Orange County California area who wants to network please e-mail me at:   Mail Me

FIGHT BACK!!!   The people attacking you want to destroy your life.   FIGHT BACK!!!