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Love Emergency! Style--Kel Brackett & Dixie McCall

Our hero, the esteemed Dr. Kelly Brackett...Hello, Rampart Emergency . . .

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the web. I've always thought that Dix and Kel belonged together forever, and here they will be. Come on in, enjoy the music, grab a cup of coffee, stay awhile...and get in the mood for romance. Sign the guestbook while you're here!

This site is forever under construction, so bear with me. *g*

~Can Ya Feel The Luv?~

~Further Endeavors (Fanfic)~


~Caption Contest!~

~Photo-Fic Challenge~

~Fanfic Challenge!~

~Tribute to Julie London~

~Julie London Photo Gallery~

~Audrey's Corner~

Last updated 5/1/04

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