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Let me introduce you to Buddy, the one and only "Cockersaurus". Buddy is an approximately 6 year old cocker spaniel whom we rescued about 3 years ago. To date, I've managed to get him obediance trained (somewhat), get his CGC (that's Canine Good Citizen), and train in agility. I've also trained him to do roughly 12 or so tricks. We're constantly training and working to improve his (and my) skills. I am also thinking of getting him certified as a Therapy dog (actually, getting the CGC was the first step in that direction, but life has distracted me from going much further!). But mostly, he's a spoiled *rotten* doggie! He's a real "Mama's Dog", and is very much my baby.

We also are owned by a (spoiled rotten) "California Heeling Terrier" (an Australian Cattle Dog mix) named Holly. You can see her page if you follow the links below!

BTW, I apologize that I haven't updated this page in some time; DH bounced my camera off the pavement and I haven't been able to replace it yet :(. Maybe in the next couple of months. . .

Once I am re-cameraed, I will get some new pics of the kids and my cross stitching put up! Assuming, of course, I can get my scanner to co-operate!

I've also updated my e-mail address, I discovered that Hotmail killed my old one! If you've tried to email me and failed, it's now up and running again. Sorry about that!

So, what else you got on this page?

Buddy's Picture Page!

Holly's Picture Page!

Cockersaurus Approved Links!

The Cockersaurus Cocker of the Week!

Buddy's Rescue Page!

Watch Buddy's Coat Grow!

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