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Ok to the straight facts Quake is still doing a great job keeping hight and steady in the big gaming industry and now we have found that there just arnt enough people down at gamespy on the quakeworld client please do all you can to show support towards Quake and the quakeworld client server provider...


07/05/01:Updated alot today sorry i was'nt putting my updates from before up im trying to get the pics for my in game up but i messed up how they get saved as so i will put them up when i can almost everything here works though the demos im still working on though the features are a little different so ill try to add more if you find a broken link then i didnt get to working on that one yet heh but email it to me and ill work on it please join the members section and tell me what you think of my site k? enjoy!

08/01/01:Hey all sorry i havent been showin my updates but yes i HAVE been updating like crazy i put in the games section with a couple of games i still havent worked yet on the demos but im gettin to it out i put up the Fill out survey To either join NKL or to become a member of this site And also put up the entrance to the members section for both for NKL members ignore the first members entrance and enjoy this site oh and another thing im workin on a Logo for NKL the publicity for this site and the clan have amazingly gone up.So whats up next? those demos i promised and a new archive the SITE OF THE WEEK i was gonna put up the Qgirls site but the turned counterstrike and i think they are probably good but not good enough ;) i hate counterstrike im stickin around my Quake peeps but i wont give ya up!

11/07/01:Hey all wow theres been some crazy stuff going on and well things for me are goin back the way they were not that we have no heart but well it is good to move on after such a tragedy because we can not be stuck in an everlasting loop that has no end and us at the center so I am returning to my work well that and I had school so more updates to come uh....I am adding more files as I speak I also have cable now so I'll try to get things moving more to come!!!!