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Some o' My Favorite Links:

(Last Updated Nov. 12, 2007)
Where I got my BSN from.
Where I do my graduate schooling.
Where I work.

heartless HBI - (check it out...Truth with an attitude!)

History Computerization Project
Mead Maker's Homepage
Gregory Blount (mka Greg Lindahl) of Isenfir's Medieval/Renaissance Food page (yum!)
St. George's Guild (Elizabethan Nobles' reenactment group)
The Bancroft Library (UC Berkeley) - historical reference & documents
Stefan's Florilegium (lotsa good SCA Info)

Yet More Rennie/SCA Info:

Banshee's Faire Page (GOOD renfaire stuff!)
The SCRIBE Network (NOTE: Ed Mihalik, creator of the SCRIBE, died a couple of years back - there is a very nice memorial to him at this site. We miss you, Ed.)

Searchable health information from the NIH:

MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You: A service of the National Library of Medicine
Search MedlinePlus:   

Some "Close Personal Friends of Sir George"

Keradwc's Koans (SCA, movies, music, and techno-stuff)
Alan's Aerie (Alan Chudnow & history stuff)
Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos
Ken Schoonover's page (weird links galore)
Kym Taborn's Yearbook

This woman is bloody EVIL:

Stop Sylvia Browne!

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