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Tony B.'s Web Page

...such as it is... ;-)

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This is me and my 16th-century garb at an SCA do a couple years back, my friend Kevin Connery took this, and many other good pix at the event.
I still have the outfit, but rarely have the occasion to wear it!


Hi! My name is Tony Baldacci, I'm currently updating the site, but feel free to browse around a bit.

I still don't know much about HTML programming; but I mostly did this site myself - so please be suitably impressed.

Hobbies: Although I am now on indefinite sabbatical, both for lack of time and for personal reasons; I've done Renaissance Faires for about 20 years off and on (portraying Sir George Carey {1547-1603} as my persona in my last few years, also sometimes portraying his father Henry Carey, Baron Hunsdon or younger brother Sir John Carey, depending) - originally starting at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in southern California (RPFS), and last at the former Valhalla Renaissance Festival at South Lake Tahoe. More of my faire pictures will be scanned someday - I have a scanner now, it's a question of when to fit it into my Copious Spare Time(tm)!

I have also been a card-carrying member of "Friends of Faire" at RPFN and had a medium-length 'career' at RPFS back in the early 80's.

I also belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism. My "home" group is the Barony of Westermark, located in the Principality of the Mists, itself a region of the Kingdom of the West. I formerly held a "Greater Office", doing the Kingdom Chirurgeon (medic) thing, but now am enjoying not holding an office (grin).
I now live in the Kingdom of AnTir, Principality of the Summits.
I am also a member of the SCA's peerage Order of the Pelican. Beats me as to why, though.


I also enjoy doing Appreciative Bardic Listening, brewing, and calligraphy & illumination, among other activities.

At the moment, I'm on sabbatical from the SCA, due to school and other real-life concerns.


Henry Carey, first Baron Hunsdon - Queen Elizabeth I's cousin through the Boleyn family

I'm still - rarely, but still - doing historical research on the Elizabethan period in England (1558 to 1603), and will add links to articles & stuff as I dig it up. I'm paying particular attention to the Carey family (and George in particular), for obvious reasons. Click here for what I've got (so far) on George Carey's biography. Many thanks, incidentally, to all those who have written with various helpful comments and tidbits!

More hobbies: I've been involved in the Play-by-Mail gaming hobby since 1980. I'm not currently playing at the moment...barely enough time for work and school. I *do* occasionally get some computer gaming in, so anyone wanting to correspond about Stars! ; Sid Meier's Civilization(any flavor) or Master of Orion (ditto) is very welcome to drop me a line.

Also, check out Sid's Alpha Centauri game...I think it's the best of the lot, IMHO. There is a game called "Distant Worlds" available from Matrix Games, a pretty decent game publisher. They have some cool free stuff to download, also!

I've included some links of friends and groups I'm in (or know people in), I hope you find them of interest. Click here for links. (this page loads a bit faster this way...

i am a major geek

Of interest to any of my fellow dirt-worshipping tree-hugger biology-minor types out there is:

Lots of information and wonderful pictures of some seriously threatened plant and animal species - so see 'em before Cheney shoots 'em all. Although he did have a change of heart (snicker).

This page is gonna be under ongoing construction, so comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome. Don't forget to sign my guestbook!

UPDATE: I had to disable the guestbook, due to a bunch of spammer &$$*(@#('S who decided we all needed nine MORE pages of where to go for cheap Viagra.

I took down the link to the Paypal donations, I think I get more money looking in the couch cushions. Too bad I'm not a twentysomething credit-card addict airhead named K***n :-P

Oh, don't forget to check out the comics at Red Meat DotCom.
Or Jin Wicked's "Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break". A VERY talented young lady!

mailbox You can reach me at: rennieguy{at}

"Having a wonderful time, wish I were here...!"

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