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Mitch's Mystery Birds

Here are some photos of mystery birds.
They may be unidentified, or tentively ID'd,
but I need assistance and advice on them.
I would greatly appreciate any insights on the identity of
these birds. Please e-mail me with any ideas you may have.
I will periodically add comments or "scores"
on what people think they are.

© 2001 Mitch Heindel

(Photo taken in late September)

A few facts about this peep/stint ....
The legs ARE yellow, the picture IS overexposed.
Note the bird is standing on its toes,
with ball of foot well off ground (left leg esp.)
Does it look like a Least Sandpiper to you?
UPDATE: Over a dozen people feel this is most
likely a Long-toed Stint. Another dozen feel the
photos couldn't prove ID though. Interestingly
many people guess it is a Tringa, and not a peep.
This due to the obviously long legs compared to
our image of a Least Sandpiper.
It is guessed as Ruff, Phalarope, yellowlegs, Tringa sp., etc.,
more often than it is guessed as a Least Sandpiper.

I believe the bird is a Long-toed Stint.

© 2001 Mitch Heindel

This warbler was photographed Oct., 1984, at Plum Island, Mass.,
when I lived in the East. I did not see or identify the bird.
I heard a chip that wasn't "right" for where I was, aimed
the camera at the motion and when something popped out I shot.
It bolted at the sound of the mirror "kerplunking" and I never could get
it back out. It was black & white film, and was not processed
for over 5 years (that's another story!). The roll has the salt pans
and male Cape May Warbler on it. I intend to submit it with a
proof sheet (BRC members note: how to prove location 101).
The bird looks remarkably like a "western" Warbler.
Can it be positively ID'd from these photos?
Can you send me your reasons for ID?????
UPDATE: 15+ people think it is a Black-throated
GRAY Warbler (almost all westerners). Several
think Black-throated Green (easterners), and a
couple thought Townsend's. A few other things
were suggested like Blackburnian, but it is
clearly one of the above mentioned species.
Many westerners also said "Townsend's or Black-
throated Gray, NOT B-t Green", which I agree
with. I think it is/was probably a B-t GRAY...

© 2001 Mitch Heindel

This odd Acorn Woodpecker was photographed in Madera Canyon, AZ.
I would say it is a leucistic individual, except that
when one considers the site is within the range
of a largely brown woodpecker (the Arizona),
the possibility of a hybrid must be considered. I don't
know if anything visible in the pictures can prove or disprove
this, which is why it's here.
It's a mystery to me .... but I lean "odd Acorn".

© 2001 Mitch Heindel

Please send me your identification opinions!


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