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Infinity Project - Claybank Saskatchewan

What a wonderful idea you had! This Project has been so much fun for me this year.
Thank you for letting me be part of it.
I hope you enjoy the following pictures of our Infinity Adventure out to
THE CLAYBANK BRICK PLANeT, Claybank, Saskatchewan

Simpson Infinity Planet - Discovered Orbiting IO

To start with, my Infinity Planet has been orbiting IO for the past eight months. Undetected by NASA, which kinda surprises me.

IO was painted by JEFF NACHTIGALL, a well known artist here in Regina.
The Planet just seemed to be at home there, but .. it had places to go .. things to do ..

Finding Just the Right Spot!

The location of our Infinity Site is high in the hills back of the Claybank Brick Plant.

They started excavating Clay in this area in 1912. It was dug by hand and hauled by mule to the brick plant.
The rain erodes the clay into some very interesting formations as seen in the pictures. .

Wonderful Place - Wonderful Time

This area is actually called the Dirt Hills and is part of the Missouri Couteau land formation. It is lateral moraine deposited by a glacier during the last ice age.

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