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Debbie and Mickaila putting on a Brave Face

We kept running into these beautiful Garter Snakes all day. The coloring on them was striking to say the least. The largest one was about three feet long.(We couldn't get an accurate measurement cause Debbie won't hold the other end of the snake.) Its been cold up here and they seem to have been sunning themselves on the warm clay out croppings. Apparently there is a snake pit somewhere in this area. Thousands upon thousands of these snakes emerge from their hibernation dens come spring time.

Tough Climb - But Well Worth The Effort

This is it - THE SPOT - We didn't realize it until we got up here.

At the very top there was this perfect hole, more like a Mini Crater - Soon as we saw it, we knew.
Take a look. So we placed the Inifinty Planet down in the middle of it's crater and gently covered her, on the top of this huge Clay Butte.
The Perfect Spot on a Perfect Day.
We all sat back and enjoyed the view.
For some strange reason the music from 2001 a Space Odyssey keeps playing in my head.

The Infinity Crew

Miranda, Brent, Mitz, Sydney, Mickaila, Shelly, DiscoDave & Cole, Debbie, Jeremy and Kyle in the front.

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