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About two months ago I finally worked up the courage to quit my morally and spiritually bankrupt job as general manager of a taxi company in Santa Monica, and devote myself to the spiritual enterprise of reading cards professionally.  I have opened up a small Tarot reading shop in the Zander Building on Main Street in Ventura, California.  All things considered, the business is going quite well, and soon, I will expand the business to be a full service metaphysical bookstore and gift shop.  The name of the store is ErsaTarot's The Tarot Shoppe.
Once I expand to sales, I am thinking about renaming the store to "Valhalla".
I give in-depth, intuitive, and ethical readings and psychic counseling.  My motto is "Personal transformation through Tarot".
The price for a regular reading is $25.  Right now, I have a special for couple's relationship readings for the same price.
The Tarot is an ancient divination system that opens the doors for one to experience personal transformation.  A reading should never be scary.  Any perception of "negative cards" are simply tools to help the querent avoid misdirection in life, a warning that a particular path or attitude is leading you to a negative outcome, and by changing that path you can avoid pitfalls and heartache.

I have been reading the Tarot for over 20 years, and I have a BA from UCLA in English - my particular interests were history, folklore and mythology; particularly Arthurian Studies.  I minored in psychology for two years - not long enough to get caught up in the mumbo-jumbo and the predilection for the institution's dependency on mood altering drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft, but long enough to get some understanding of analyses, archetype, and effective methods of counseling.  I use all of these techniques together while giving a reading/counseling session, and I have many very satisfied and happy clients who come to me again and again, and recommend me to their families and friends.

I am a High Priest in the Wiccan tradition, and I hold a minister's license from the Universalist Church.  I officiatePagan/Wiccan weddings, also known as handfastings, Wiccanings of babies or children (somewhat akin to the Christian baptism tradition), and funerals and other rites.  I  will dogroup social functions or parties for a flat rate of $65 an hour, three hour minimum.

Come and see me at the Tarot Shoppe, and see what life has in store for you, and more importantly, discover the tools you have within you to guide your path to success, happiness, and personal fulfillment.  Blessed Be!

The Tarot Shoppe
433 East Main Street,
The Zander Building, Suite #8
Ventura, California   93001