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The Last Dance With Me

by Eun Hee-kyung 1998/89-8281-148-6/296pp, 153X224 
ISBN 8982811486
Munhakdongne Publishers


sales price $7.69    

Your notion of love and marriage is false! For three years since her debut, she has been one of the most attractive and best writers of 1990s. This is her second novel. The liberal love story is full of paradoxes and jokes that are trademarks of hers. She destroys our notion of love and marriage.

Deep Sorrow

by Shin Kyong-sook (Vol.1)1994/89-85712-10-1/274pp, 153X224 (Vol.2)1994/89-85712-11-X/282pp, 153X224 ISBN 8985712101
Munhakdongne Publishers


Sales Price $ 7.14 

This is the first, long-waited novel by the author who has attracted more attention from critics and readers than any other contemporary writers over the last decade. It tells a story about a young woman led to suicide with her grievous experience of failure to achieve an authentic relationship with other people, especially her lovers. Rendered in an elegant, beautiful, and richly textured style, the story gives an expression to the human life in modern city susceptible to the dreadfulness of solitude.

A Wanderer Does Not Take a Rest Even on the Road

by Yi Je-ha 1999/89-8281-174-5/296pp,153×224 ISBN 8982811745
Munhakdongne Publishers


Sales Price $ 7.69       

The third collection of short-stories by Yi. This book displays Yi's distinctively bohemian and aesthetic sensitivity in its mature form. The stories, including its title piece awarded the 9th Yi Sang Prize for Fiction, make us aware of the uncontrollable passion for freedom lurking behind everyday life. In this book Yi offers an unparalleled exemplar for modernist writing in Korean.


by Kim Dal-jin 1999/89-8281-207-5/536pp, 153X224
Munhakdongne Publishers


Sales Price - $ 13.19 

A decisive Korean edition of Chuangtzu. Chuangtzu is a legendary Chinese thinker who, with Laotzu, laid the philosophical foundation for Taoism in China. His book has produced a long tradition of interpretation and translation in Korea as well as in China. Kim's is one of a few Korean translations enjoying wide circularity over the several decades. The Chinese classic finds its most trustworthy Korean rendering in Kim's translation.

A House of Silence

by Pak Bum-shin (Vol.1)1999/89-8281-196-6/352pp, 153X224 (Vol.2)1999/89-8281-197-4/336pp, 153X224
Munhakdongne Publishers


Sales Price - $ 13.19 

A journey of a man searching for one's identity, finally reaching at it through a romantic love! This title is praised as the immerge of new style in his literature, that contains the prototype, truth and essence of life. Sensitivity, clarity, nihilistic conclusions and intensity pursuing after the core human mind characterize his literature. This book also invites readers to a journey into problem of human existence. His writings are controlled artistically, filled with coolness and tensions.

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