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United States Coast Guard

HH60J Jayhawk

Photos taken by me 29 Jul 01

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Fwd end. Note unpainted static ports, smaller than US Army towel bar antenna, and

Seahawk style door window with pull out rescue handle.

"No Hand Hold" in medium blue sticker format on rear view window aboove

door hinge line and on pitot probe. Wheel has a tiedown ring.


Search radar and various other antennas, same both sides. Twin pitot

probes jutting forward into airstream and twin sensor stickign upwards from back of

access door hingline.

High Frequency radio antenna, air starter exhaust port and fuel dump pipe.

Overall appearance very clean compared to other military machines.



Side access steps and shadow of the hoist hook.

Tail detail. Note the rings to attach safety straps.

Tail rotor detial. Very clean appearance. Notice that the Dzus fastener

retainer clips are often unpainted--all the flexing causes the paint to come off.

Testors MM Jet Exhaust is perfect for their cadmium plated appearance.

Skid and tail fold detail. Stabilator is conventional Seahawk folding type.

Note the end of the HF anttenna just forward of the fold line.

Drop-Swing away step is just aft of red line under tail.

The fold ability has been removed. Solid shafts are now installed in HH60Js,

and the folding gear has been removed from teh rotorheads.


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Page created 31 July 2001