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United States Marine Corps

HH 1 N

Essentially similar to UH1N.

This was an interesting machine, and now Im wishing that I had

taken more photos of it. It was a patchwork quilt of spray can grey

paint for corrosion control, and had panels/markings that did not match.

Main rotors were olive drab, with semigloss black rotor components.

As you can see, weapons systems were assymetrical with a

minigun system mount on the left, and .50 cal on the right.

Notice that the weapons mounts were different colors altogether!

overexposed photo of the bellydrains between the gun system mount arms

interior fuel bladder connections to floor, right side of AC.

.50 cal gun mount looking aft

same mount loooking forward

Crew told me that the hose is to keep the crewmans webgear

from hanging up on the "arm" which points in towards helicopter.

Not present on Air Force system.

Newer style minigun mount.

single red electrical switch cover.


three electrical connectors for the minigun system.

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