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Well, see the world I did - with no regrets!
I saw duty aboard 28 different type warships
from submarine net tenders(net layers)to destroyers,
cruisers, battleships, aircraft carrier, destroyer tenders
and even volunteered for PT duty during WWII.

That PT duty was a crazy thing!
Volunteering in order to be with a
good buddy from Maine, we'd go out on patrols
in northern New Guinea.
These patrols were carried out at night in the straits
where the Japanese were running supplies to their forces
on nearby islands. We'd approach an enemy vessel,
make a mad dash towards it,fire a torpedo,
sink the vessel and scurry back to our home base.

Eventually, the net tender USS Teaberry (AN-34)
would receive orders to proceed north which ended
my risky volunteering to be with my friend.

What the heck!?!
I never thought I'd survive that war zone anyway
and being a daring sort of person,
I was always looking for something exciting.
Most usually found it too!

We were often ashore for various reasons,too.
During those times, there were many
things to see and do around the port.
One thing we did was visit
the Enlisted Men's Club. This is a
picture of the one that was located
in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 1964.

It was called the "White Hat Club"
and was visited by thousands of sailors.
There were many good times had there
but that's another story!

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