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Ahoy, Mateys!

This section you will find interesting, informative and meaningful.
It is the story of my Navy life.
Perhaps a former Navyman, you might relate?
Either way, I promise a good story!

I was born in Maine many years ago, grew up there
to an age when I couldn't stand those cold winters
and ran away to a warmer climate, Florida.
I was 15 at the time and WWII was in full swing.

Miami at that time had all it's hotels on Miami Beach
and Miami itself was populated by military personnel.
It was a shipping out point for most personnel
going to Europe. The Navy was strong there as well.
It was one focal point for the schooling of navymen who
manned the Navy's sub chasers and patrol crafts.

The boat builder, Chris Craft, had it's
major plant there producing the PT boats, etc.
I soon reached the age of 16 and would often
stand on any one of the Miami River draw bridges
watching the Navy ships come and go--
wishing I could be a part of it all.
One day I approached a Navy recruiter and
asked if I could enlist. With parental consent, I could join!

This was in 1943. Contacting Mom, she didn't hesitate.
Soon the papers were received and my Navy career began.
It began with what was suppose to be several weeks of basic training
at the Naval Training Center (NTC) Brainbridge, Maryland.
I just simply did not know what I was getting
myself into when I raised my hand and
took the oath to defend my country.....
what followed was an adventureous 30 year navy career.
Our motto in '43 was "Join the Navy and See the World"!

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