HTML TUTORIAL by Geoff McCausland



The format for making a link is:

<A HREF="address">clickable text</A>

if you want to make a link to my Web Design page it would be

<A HREF="">Geoff's Web Design Services</A>

you would see "Geoff's Web Design Services" (underlined in blue) and when you clicked on the link you would go to

the complete address ( is an ABSOLUTE REFERENCE

If you are already at one of my pages you can link to different page of mine by using a RELATIVE REFERENCE

<A HREF="price.htm">Price List</A>

instead of

Not only is it shorter to type and you are less likely to make errors, using relative references makes it easier to move your webpages from one provider to another and it allows you to check all of your links of your hardrive.


Some of your pages might be very large but organized into sections. It's possible to make some links at the top of the page that will jump down to individual sections.

To do that you need to name the sections first. The format is:

<A NAME="section1"></A>

At the top of the page you can make a link to it by typing:

<A HREF="#section1">Section 1</A>

You can even jump to that section from a different page. Using one of the previous examples... if you were on my index page and you want to make a link to section 1 of my price list page you would just type:

<A HREF="price.htm#section1">Prices - Section 1</A>

This is used in a lot of the "back to top" links, you can do the same thing...

near the top of the body type:

<A NAME="top"></A>

at the bottom of the page just make a link to that section:

<A HREF="#top">back to top</A>


Once you click on this link it will give you your mail composition form so people can send you E-mail. To make a mailto link just type:

<A HREF="mailto:youraddress@wherever">your name</A>

e.g. <A HREF="">Geoff McCausland</A>

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