HTML TUTORIAL by Geoff McCausland


To use any of these text formatting tags just place the tags around the text you want to be effected.

HEADINGS <H1> </H1>, <H2> </H2>, etc...

Most of the time this will be the first thing displayed on your page (or a graphic).

There are 6 sizes to choose from, 1 - 6. 1 being the largest and 6 the smallest.


BOLD <B> </B>

<B>This text will be bold</B>


<I>This text will be in Italics</I>


<U>This text will be underlined</U>


<CENTER>This text will be centered on the page</CENTER>

You can use a lot of the text format tags in combination with others.

if you want some text in bold and italics

<B><I>This text will be in bold and italics</I></B>


With this tag you can define the font size, font face and font color

size <font size= >

you can use a number from 1 to 7 (1 is the smallest and 7 is the largest. The default font size is 3):

<font size=4>This text will be in font size 4</font>

or you can use relative font sizes:

<font size="+1">This text will be in font size 4 (default 3 + 1)</font>

note: if you use + or - you should use quotation marks

face <font face= >

<font face="arial">This text will be in the font ARIAL</font>

color <font color= >

you can use the name of the color:
aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, silver, teal, yellow, white or red (plus some more but I'll keep it basic)

<font color="red">This text will be red</font>

or you can use the Hexadecimal value of the RGB color:

<font color="#FF0000">This text will also be in red</font>

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