Chapter One

RT and BSB
Chapter One

The girls got into the Backstreet Boys Limo and they started off to a nice little dinner.

"Where do you girls want to eat?" AJ asked.

"Anywhere but McDonalds or anything Pizza!" Alex said.

"Yuck! I second that!" Julie said as she got a tummy ache at the thought of eating the same old food again.

"Well, we were going to settle for like lobster or something..." AJ said.

"You eat poor little lobsters?" Eloise asked with a frown on her face.

"Wow! Okay, guys don't mention eating pool defenseless lobsters in front of Eloise!" AJ said feeling bad but laughed.

"Okay, how about if we just eat some Italian food?" Kevin asked.

"That's a great idea!" Moorea said.

"Okay cool. That's where we're going." Kevin said and gave their limo driver directions.

Kevin sat back into his seat and smiled at the boys.


"Good evening..." A man with a fake accent said to the boys.

"Good evening." They all replied.

"Look at these beautiful young woman." The man said.

The girls smiled and stepped closer together away from the creepy man.

"Eloise I'm scared." Alex said.

"It's okay Alex, I'll protect you." Eloise said. The girls started laughing and Julie and Moorea just rolled their eyes as they laughed.

"You tard!" Moorea said. Julie looked at them again and couldn't help but laugh.

"Good evening sir. A table of 9?" Julie asked.

"Sure, right this way. Anything for a beautiful young lady such as yourself." The man said. He turned around and lead them to a table with a beautiful view of the ocean.

"How did you do that?" Nick asked.

"Do what?" Julie asked Nick.

"Well, he shut up! Usually they talk for ages and this time...well, he didn't!" Nick said.

"It's called asking..." Julie said.

"Ha ha ha." Nick said.

"I Love You Too!" Julie said playing around.


The girls talked over dinner and soon made their way to dessert.

"This is good!" Moorea said as she pulled a piece of Cheese Cake off of a tray.

"Oh Cheese cake!" Julie said.

"Ha ha last one!" Moorea said sticking out her tongue. Howie started to talk to Moorea so she turned her head. Julie was tempted to take a bite and Moorea was doing a very good job of not letting her. She moved her hand to fix her bangs that were in her eyes and Julie stuck her fork in the cheese cake and took a bite saying.

"Gone!" Moorea looked at her with an open mouth.

"Woman! That was mine!" Moorea said.

"Not no more...It's in my tummy now." Julie said laughing.


It was getting late and the guys and girls had stopped eating for over an hour and a half. They were started to close up and a lady came by with a bill.

Kevin grabbed the bill and looked at it.

"Lets go Dutch!" Moorea said.

"No, we got it." Kevin said. He looked at the bill and he wanted to scream.

"Kevin, you look like you're gonna have a heart attack!" Alex said.

"Gimme the bill boy." Alex said grabbing it.

"HOLY!!!!!" Alex said.

"Girls! look at this bill!!!" Alex said.

The girls looked at it and their eyes grew wider and wider as they went down the list of things they ordered.


"We're helping you pay for this!" Eloise said as she went to go get the check book.

"No, we got it!" Kevin said. Eloise looked all over her purse and couldn't find it!

"Well, you got it now cause we don't have our check book." Eloise said.

"We'll reimburst ya." Julie said.

Kevin smiled and went for his wallet. He made a funny face and everyone asked him what was wrong.

"I can't find my wallet...Duh! I left it on my bed!" Kevin said.

"I'll get it!" AJ said. AJ got his coat and pulled out a check book.

"Damn!" AJ yelled.

"What?" The girls asked.

"I don't have any checks left!"

Five minutes later.

"Nick?" The guys all asked after asking each girl and each boy.

"I spent my money on this really cool game I'm broke for the week..." Nick said.

"Oh man!" Howie said as he hit himself.

"I can't believe this!" Howie added.

"Well, do you guys have a credit card or something?" Moorea asked.

"No, we got rid of it for a while." Kevin said.

"Oh no!" The girls said.

"We're closing up." A man said.

"Sir we need help." Nick said. The man came over and looked at them.

"Hi. See. For some odd reason we're without any money and all our friends and family are across the country and all the people we know here are like we're in a predicament!" Nick said.

The man looked at them for a while and everyone looked at him...


"I don't wanna wash these damn dishes! I had to wash enough in high school!" Eloise and Julie said as they threw their aprons on the ground.

"Pick up apron!" A Chinese man yelled.

"No pick up apron!" Eloise said back.

Everyone laughed and cleaned up the kitchen.

"Sure, this is a big mistake!" Kevin said.

"No mistake! You clean kitchen to go home." The man said.

"We're a singing group called The Backstreet Boys I will give you our managers number and we'll pay you back..." Kevin said.

"NO! Clean up kitchen!" The man said.

"Oh man!" Kevin said and went back to wash dishes.

"Last time we go out to dinner with a Backstreet boy!" Julie said with a grin on her face.

Chapter Two
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