Chapter Two

RT and BSB
Chapter Two

"Where were you girls?" Missy asked as she got up from the sofa.

"We were washing dishes!" Moorea said. The guys walked in after them with beet red faces.

"Washing dishes?" Missy asked.

"Yeah! The guys and us forgot our money for some strange reason so we were stuck washing dishes! Because we weren't able to pay for the bill." Eloise answered.

"Sucks to be you!" Missy said and left.

"Well, do you guys want something to drink?" Alex asked.

"No, we should get going." Howie said.

Eloise turned on the TV and a movie came on.

"Oh I love this movie! I haven't seen in forever!" Howie said as he sat down on the sofa.

"We can watch it in our hotel room Howie." Kevin said.

"No! You'll miss the whole point of the movie if we leave now!" Howie said.

"Looks like we're staying here for a while..." Brian said. The girls smiled and got some soda and pop corn out.


"Score!" Howie said and took the bowl of Pop corn and took a can of coca cola. The girls sat down where ever they could and watched the movie.


"Can I open my eyes now?" Julie asked sheltering her eyes with a pillow.

"Yeah you can open them." Nick said and pulled the pillow away.

"Julie, you're a chicken... AHHH!!!!!!" Alex yelled as the something scary happened in the movie.

"Takes one to know one!" Julie said laughing. The guys laughed and then watched the rest of the music.

"Look at it this way...When you get scared just give us a call and we'll beat the crap out of that loser!" Nick said.

"Gee I don't know Nick. I'm not sure if you really know how to do any type of fighting...I mean this isn't Nintendo we're talking about. You have to use your fists not your controller." Julie said.

"I don't play Nintendo that much!" Nick said.

"We dare double dog dare you that you can't stay away from your Nintendo for two weeks!" Moorea said.

"All right! You're on!" Nick said and shuck hands with everyone in the room.

"This is gonna be interesting!" Kevin whispered to AJ.

"I'll say!" AJ said laughing.


"Night you guys! See you tomorrow. And thanks for dinner!" The girls said. The guys flinched as they brought up the whole dinner thing.

"I can't believe that happened today!" Howie said.

"I know that is the first time I've been embarrassed infront of a girl." Nick said. Everyone laughed and Nick looked at the guys.

"What's so funny?" Nick asked.

"Nick you get embarrassed infront of girls 24/7!" AJ said laughing.

Nick got upset and walked faster to their limo.


"I never thought that we would have this kind of a first impression about the Backstreet Boys." Alex said as she put her clothes out for the next day.

"Well, we know that their fame truly doesn't work on everyone." Moorea said.

"Well, that's cause that man has been BSB deprived!" Julie said. Eloise started to laugh so hard she was about to pee her pants.

"Ella, it's really not that funny." Julie said patting her shoulder.

"I (snort) that it was." Eloise said.

"Psycho ville population ELOISE ESPERANZA!" Alex said.

"Stupid alksjdlaksjd" Eloise said trying to say something in Spanish. Alex laughed and got in her bed.

"Whatever Eloise." Alex said and turned off her lamp.

"Goodnight everyone!" Julie said and turned hers off.

"Goodnight!" Eloise said.

"Night night!" Moorea said and they all went to bed.

Chapter Three
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