Chapter One

Hope walked into her room and let her heavy backpack filled with library books drop with a loud thud on her wooden floor. She put up her hair and walked to the kitchen to get a drink.

*Ring ring*

"Who could that be?" Hope asked to herself as she made her way to the phone.

"Hello?" Hope asked.

"Hello, is Hope Winters home?" A guy asked.

"This is her...How can I help you?" Hope asked.

"My name is Brad Stanford. I am in your English class..." He replied.

"Oh, Hi." Hope said.

"I wanted to ask you a question." Brad said.

"Ask away." Hope said.

"In Person." Brad added.

"In Person?" Hope asked.

"Yeah, will you meet me downtown? Say infront of McFadden's warehouse?" Brad asked.

"Well, I have a big paper due in two days and I'm behind. How long will it take?" Hope asked.

"Few minutes." Brad answered.

"Well, how about this...You come to my house and ask me and I'll give you an answer. To whatever your question is." Hope said.

"Okay, where do you live?" Brad asked.

"I live on Cherry Hill. The big white house with that old maple tree in the front yard." Hope answered.

"Okay I will be right over." Brad said and hung up. Hope looked at the phone for a second and said.

"Okay, see you then bye?" and hung up the phone.


*Ding Dong*

Hope walked to the big door and opened it.

"Back Fred." Hope said pulling her dog back.

"Come on in." Hope said as she let Brad in.

"Thanks!" Brad said warming up his hands.

"You cold?" Hope asked.

"Yeah, it just started getting cold outside." Brad said.

"I just made some hot chocolate would you like some?" Hope asked.

"Yes, please." Brad said playing with the dog.

"Okay, this way." Hope said as she lead him to the kitchen.

Hope gave him a cup of hot chocolate and sat him down at the table.

"So Brad Stanford, what is your question?" Hope asked as she sat down.

"Well, My grades aren't that good and there's a chance that I won't get to play football if I don't pass English..." Brad said.

"So you ask everyone for Hope Winters number, the school's geek!" Hope said feeling down.

"I wouldn't say geek! More like smart." Brad said with a handsome smile.

"What do you need help with?" Hope asked after a while.

"Just help me pass this year." Brad asked.

"Nothing more, nothing less?" Hope asked.

"I'd pay you!" Brad said.

"My, My you are really desperate aren't you?" Hope asked.

"Well, I'd do whatever you want! Well, almost." Brad said.

"How do I help you? Like do your homework? Cause if so I am going to have to say..."

"No, just tutor me or whatever every other day or every weekend for like and hour or whatever." Brad said. Hope looked at Brad for a few seconds and then took a deep breathe.

"I'll do it." Hope said.

"You will? Oh thank you! You are a saint!" Brad said. He chugged his hot chocolate washed his cup and walked up to Hope.

"Just one question..." Hope said as Brad stood infront of her.

"Yeah?" Brad asked.

"Where do we meet? Like at a library, a park..." Hope asked

"Your house?" Brad asked.

"Oh okay." Hope said and walked him to the door.

"Thanks! I'll see you tomorrow in English." Brad said.

"Bye Brad." Hope said and closed the door.

Chapter Two
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