The flight was pretty boring to beging with. As on all flights, there was a screaming baby a few rows back, Jenni and Katie were both on either side of a very large man which hardly gave them room to breath, The person sitting in front of Jenica couldn't decide weather they wanted their chair forward or leaned back, and a five year old child behind Malory was playing field hockey with the back of Malory's chair. The began to taxi to the runway. Malory had given Jenica the window seat since it was her first flight. Jenica watched the planes that they passed as Malory read a book. The took off and Jenica took it rather well, though Malory did notice how white her knuckles were as she gripped the armrest. Jenica simply stared out the window, watching the cars and buildings grow smaller, and smaller until they were indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain. Finally the fasten seatbelt sign was turned off and Katie decided that she needed to use the restroom.

"Be back, guys. Bathroom time," Katie called as she walked down the aisle.

"See ya in thirty years!" called Jenni after her. "The line is gonna be bad."

"Can we use tape players yet?" Jenica asked Malory.

Malory nodded as she proceeded to get her CD player out.

At the exact moment Jenica leaned down to get her tape player, the woman in the seat in front of her decided to lean back her chair. Suddenly, Jenica found herself trapped between her seat and the seat in front of her, leaned down towars the floor.

"Malory. Malory! MALORY!" Jenica said, but it was to no avail. Malory had already put on her headphones and she was mouthing the words to her favorite Moffatts song, "Don't Walk Away". Jenica tried to reach over and tap her foot but she just couldn't reach that far. She then tried to get Jenni's attention, but she, too, had put on her headphones and was jammin' to the Moffatts. 'Oh, well,' thought Jenica. So she put on her headphones and decided that she would just have to wait until they noticed that she was stuck. Five minutes later, we find Katie heading back to her seat from the bathroom. As she approached their seats she noticed that Jenica was gone. As she came closer, she saw what had really happened. She started laughing so hard that she fell down right there in the aisle. The other passengers wanted to see what was so funny, and when they saw Jenica, tuck in the seats, her butt in the air, gently bobbing to the music, they all started laughing, too. Katie tapped Malory and Jenni on the shoulder and they, too, were laughing so hard that they had tears running down their faces. When Malory finally caught a breath, she reached between the seats and explained to the woman sitting in front of Jenica about how she was trapped. The woman brought her chair forward with a laugh. When Jenica realized that the seat wasn't pinning her down anymore she came up and met eyes with the over thirty passengers that had come from their seats to see the spectacle before them.

"What're y'all lookin' at?" Jenica asked grumpily. "I was stuck."

This began another eruption of laughter from the passengers s they began returning to their seats. Jenica wouldn't speak again for the rest of the flight, though everyone would be laughing about it for years to come.