"Quit laughing, you guys!" Jenica whined as she stomped away from the landing gate. "It's not funny anymore!"

"Sure it is," Malory called after her. "You know perfectly well that you would have been laughing your ass off if it had been one of us!"

"So?" Jenica said, still whining.

"Shut up, Jenica! God, you're so annoying!" Katie snapped.

"Well, guys. Say hello to Orlando airport. I'll show you where we pick up our luggage. The carousels are just down this hall down the stairs and to the right," said Malory.

"God, Mal! Just because you've been here before doesn't mean that you have to be Little Miss Tour Guide!" Kaite said laughing. Malory pouted while they waited for their luggagebut she quickly recovered when she saw just how excited her friends were about their arrival.

"Look at all of the toys!" Jenica cried as she ran to an oversized window filled with dolls, figurines, and stuffed animals of Disney characters.

"Rope it in, Jen. There are about three trillion other places where you can get things just like that." Malory said, leading her away from the store.

"Hopefully, they'll be cheaper at the other places," Jenni muttered as she looked at the pricetags on a few of the items.

"OK," Jenica said, sadly eyeing a stuffed Tigger doll. "But, I'm gonna get a toy before we leave Florida."

"How about Clint?" Katie asked, giving Jenica a sly smile.

"That could work," she replied, playing along.

The group retrieved their luggage and wlked towards the car rental desks.

"Hey, Mal? What kind of car are we getting?" Katie asked, running ahead to the line.

"I'm not gonna tell ya. You'll see when we get there." Malory replied.

"Oh, come on. What, is it, like, a Gremlin or something?" Jenica asked, knowing that Malory had a passion for cars and her least favorite was the Gremlin.

"Please!" Malory cried. "A GREMLIN?!?! Are you nuts?!?"

"God, Mal. Freak." Katie said as she hovered over a large rack of travel brochures. Jenni and Jenica soon joined her.

"Even if you did want to know, I couldn't tell ya because I have no idea," Malory said as she, too, started shuffling through the travel books.

Rick found out where the car was and started walking away knowing that when the girls saw that they were being left behind, they would follow. Sure enough, Jenica saw them and they started after Rick, lugging their bags behind.

"So, wheres the car?" Jenni asked as they walked through the tri-level parking lot.

"I wish it were that one," Katie said pointing out a hunter green porshe.

"Who doesn't?" asked Malory. Suddenly, Rick stopped behind a sky blue pick up truck.

"You have to be joking, " Katie said. "We aren't all gonna fit in there. Well, not legally anyway."

"Me and Scott will take the back," Malory called laughing her head off.

"Not if me and Clint get it first!" Jenica cried.

"I got shotgun," Jenni said.

"You wont have to worry about that," Rick said to them as they started for the truck.

"Why not?" asked Katie.

"Because that is our car," Rick said, pointing at a sleek looking, black, Talon, convertible.

They got in, lowered the top, and drove out of the parking lot, chattering incessantly all the way to the resort that they would be staying at. It was Disney's Carribean Beach Resort, which was the resort that Malory and her father stayed at every year when they went down to Florida.