"If I ever have to sleep in a hotel bed again, I think I will scream!," Bob Moffatt exclaimed falling back on his bed. He buried himself under his comforter and crawled to the edge of his bed. He poked his head out from under it and looked at his three brothers. He wrapped it around his head and looked around the room like a mad man, "thick comforters guys! Thick comforters!"

Clint rolled his eyes and fell back onto the green bean bag chair.

"I'm gonna go downtown and meet up with Evan and Ryan," Dave said changing his shoes.

"I'm gonna go get food. I'm starving," Scott grumbled heading down the hall. Clint jumped up and ran after him.

"Wait up homie! I'm hungry too!"

"SLEEP!," Bob exclaimed jumping up and down on his bed and finally falling back. He stared at the ceiling as the posters of surfers became one big blue blur. Bot it had been a busy week. They had finished recording their CD and had one photo shoot after another. His mouth hurt from smiling so much. They had tons of publicity stuff they had to do and some interviews. All he wanted now was sleep. He felt himself begin to drift off into a dream. Trapped somewhere between his dreamworld and reality he heard someone calling his name.

"BOB!!!PHONE!!!!,"Scott yelled from the kitchen. Bob picked up the pillow and shoved his head under it. He began to drift again. Far away he could hear footsteps nearing. The pillow was torn from his face.

"No mom! I don't wanna get up yet!," he whined rubbing the sleep that began to form in his eyes. He opened them and blinked a few times. Scott was hovering over him in one hand was the portable phone, in the other was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Phone," he threw it on his brother and walked out of the rom. Bob sighed.

"I'm never going to get any sleep...," he mumbled. He wiped a strand of his hair from his face and sat up. He picked up the phone and held it up to his ear, "hello?"

"Bob! Dude! Welcome home!," his best friend Darren's voice sailed over the line. Bob groaned and fell back on his bed. Darren chuckled, "thanks Bob. It's great to hear from you too!"

Bob laughed, "sorry, I'm just really tired."

Darren laughed, "look man, I need a favor."

Doesn't he always?Bob thought with a smirk. He closed his eyes and sighed, "what is it this time?"

"There is this one fine girl I meet the other day. She is from Esquimalt," he said, referring to a town about 10 miles away.

"Uh huh Darren, where is this leading?," Bob asked knowing that where was a catch.

"Well see, she is up visiting her grandmother this whole month and this weekend we were gonna go out and hang out and stuff, but her mom won't let her," he started to explain.

"Uh huh....," Bob could once again feel himself drifting away, his eyes beginning to drupe.

"Her sister Brooke is coming out to visit and she has to stick with her. She is our age so I kinda told her you would go out with her sister and we could all double," he rushed. Bob sat up quickly.

"What?!? You told her what?," he asked hysterical.

"Come on Bob! Please?!?," Darren begged.

"No way! Remember what happened the last time you set me up on a double date. Remember Clare? Alyi? Jen? Cayla?-"

"Alright Bob! I get the point! But I promise, this will be the last time!," he promised.

"That is what you said the last 5 times Darren!," Bob laughed.

"Okay, how about I give you the allowance for the last month! Please?," he offered.

Bob was interested, "how much did you get this month?"

"50 dollars, please?!?," he begged.

Bob pondered a moment, "when is the date?"

"Tomorrow night. We were going to see a movie and then go get some dinner. PLEASE?!?"

Bob laughed, boy is he desperate

"Hmm...okay. I'll go," he stated giving in.

"REALLY?!? Thank you! I owe you man!!," Darren exclaimed. He began to tell Bob about the plan for Saturday. Bob half listened and half slept. He had no idea what Darren was dragging him into.