"Geez! It is freezing out here!," Bob muttered rubbing his hands together. He looked around the crowded sidewalk. Darren and him had ben waiting for 15 minutes for the two girls. So far, no show. Bob turned to Darren, "you sure they are coming?"

Darren nodded, "positive."

Bob rolled his eyes and slowly began turning in circles to stay warm.

"Jamie!," he heard Darren exclaim. Bob froze and turned around. Making there way through the crowd and over to them were two girls. Both of them looked the same height, though one was a bit shorter then the other. Bob made eye contact with one, and couldn't seem to tear his stare away. She had long almost black hair, that even in the ponytail it was in, reached to the middle of her back. She had huge coffee brown eyes, that even in the theater sign's flourescent glow, seemed to sparkle. She was wearing a grey softball t-shirt and bleu jeans. One her feet was a pair of black flip flops. Bob closed his eyes, please don't be Jamie, PLEASE! he silently wished. When he opened them. He saw Darren hugging the other girl. She had a short boyish cut red hair. Her eyes were small and green. She was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and blue skater shoes. Darren turned to Bob.

"Bob, this is Jamie. Jamie this is Bob," he said introducing the two. YES! Bob thought the other girl is Brooke!!. Bob shook Jamie's hand.

"Nice to meet you Jamie," he smiled at her and then turned to Brooke, "and you must be Brooke."

She smiled, "yes, that would be me."

Bob's grin grew wider. I'm getting paid for this?," he thought I wouldn't mind having this job. He notice she was shivering. Forgetting his own coldness, he took his jacket off and handed it to her, "here. You look like you need it."

Brooke smiled and took it, "thanks!"

Her smile alone could keep Bob warm for hours.

"No prob," he whispered.

"Guys, if we want to see the movie, we might want to buy the tickets," Darren said interrupting Bob's dream.

"Wha? Oh...yeah...," Bob walked over to them. The four of them walked to the ticket booth and bought their tickets, Bob insisting to pay for Brooke's. The four made their way into the dark, musty and cold theater. After buying soda and popcorn, which Bob also paid for, they took a seat in the back row by the door. As the opening previews began to run, Bob glanced over at Darren and Jamie. He chuckled and looked back at the screen. Boy, Darren doesn't waist anytime ramming his tongue down her throat, he thought. Daringly, Bob stretched. Brooke eyed him out of the corner of her eye. She knew what he was doing, she quickly popped some popcorn into her mouth. Ever so slowly, Bob's arm came down and sat on top of her seat, his hand resting lightly on her shoulders. She almost choked on her popcorn. Jumping up, she ran from the theater, into the lobby. Concerned, Bob followed her out. He found her bent over a drinking fountain, eagerly drinking the water. He walked over to her. When she was done, she pulled away and wiped the water from her chin.

"I'm sorry," Bob began, "did I do something wrong?"

Brooke smiled and shook her head, "no, not at all."

Bob was confused. If her hadn't done anything, then why the weird reaction. Brooke must of read his mind.

"I have a boyfriend," she stated. Bob's head shot up, his brown eyes wide. His face immediately turned dark red. Brooke chuckled, "but, Bob you are one of the nicest guys I have met. It was so nice of you to give me your jacket and buy the popcorn and everything. But, I do have a boyfriend. And I do love him a lot. But I would love to be your friend. Someone to talk to. Is that okay with you?"

Yeah, why not, he thought bitterly.

"Sounds great to me," he lied. They made their way back into the theater and took their seats in the back. Bob glanced over at Darren and Jamie, who were still making out. Like they hadn't even noticed Brooke and Bob had left.


Bob fell back on his bed and stared at his ceiling. Mrs. Forest had just dropped him off at home after the movie and dinner. He was confused. At dinner, which was McDonald's, Bob found out so much about Brooke. She loved Star Wars, she danced, did gymnastics and everything! Of course she had a boyfriend! Could someone as beautiful and nice as her be single? No! Bob didn't know what to do! He wanted her so much! As much as he would love to be "just friends" a part of him would not stop screaming for more. And it wouldn't stop until he got it. Not matter what it costed him. She was his perfect girl. He couldn't let her slip through his fingers. Thus came the beginning of what he would call "Operation B."