"LIANA, Where are you???", Meghan called as she walked on the wet pavement of the park. It had started raining and everything was wet, including Meghan.

"Oh , I give up!!! I am tired, I am wet and I am very pissed. So with further adue, I am LEAVING", Meghan shouted out in hopes that Liana might hear her and hell back. Meghan stood there in the silence of the park and the rumbling of the rain against the ground and her. Meghan directed her eyes that were covered by her drenched, damp and loosely hung bangs, to each part of the park. She felt a sudden chill go through her. She didn't like the feeling she was having, it was the feeling covered with fear and full of worry. She looked one last time around the park in search of something that might resemble human life. She saw none. Her emotions of fear and worry took over and she started walking quickly towards her house. She was very scared for Liana. The thought of Liana hurt or in any sort of danger sent Meghan running as fast as her legs could carry her to her house. When she ran onto her front lawn she collapsed. She must have ran at least 10 minutes straight , with all her might. She could feel it in her heart, for it was beating so fast that she could hear it. It was so loud and fast that she thought that it sounded like a car that was just turned on. She laid her head in the wet grass and tried to overcome an asthma attack.

I can't believe I did that !!!!!, I thought as I sat in Our Tree. Our tree, the tree that had so many different meanings to me. It was because of this tree that I am such good friends with the Moffatts. Well it happened when we were all little like around 7 or 8 years old that we came to call this our tree. It happened very unusually too...

*Weird Flashback Thing...WhooHoo*

I was new to the town, I had just moved in the neighborhood and I didn't know anyone or had anyone to play with. My older sister Meghan was in grade school and she was so keen on trying to be hip and cool to other people that she wouldn't be caught dead hanging around with a 7 year old, so I was on my own. I wanted to make some friends so I decided to go to the local park(the one Meghan went to try and find Liana) to see if anyone was there I could get to know and possibly make friends with. When I got there I could see my sister hanging around a bunch of other kids, she had the gift of having everyone liking her in seconds. I sighed and went to swing on the swings that were the closest since I knew my sister probably didn't want me bugging her, or embarrassing her in anyway. I sat down on the swing that was lowest to the ground, it would be the only one I could reach. I looked down at the ground and examined my feet, oh how I needed new shoes. I was about to start swinging when a very dark shadow covered my feet. I looked up to see three very pretty girls standing around me, they looked about my age.

"Hi!", I said with a smile in hope that these girls might want to be my friends. All three of them just looked at me with plain expressions on their faces, ones that would never in the slightest way be mistaken for grins. The one in the middle walked up to me and grabbed the chains that were on each side of my face.

"Move !!!", she said really meanly. Now I being the feisty kid and not ever tolerating that kind of crap from anyone, just looked at her.

"Are you deaf???I said move, now move!!!", she said as she pushed my chest back and my butt fell out of the swing. I landed on the ground hard, but I quickly recovered and shot back up to come face to face with her. I looked at her with a hurtful expression on my face.

"Now listen to me you stupid ugly girl, I rule these swings and I say who goes on them and who doesn't. Get it through your head!!!", she said, surely loud enough to grow an audience. I gave her a look then I looked past her to only see my sister looking at me. She was no doubt curious of what was going on. I was so memorized by thinking of what my sister would have done that I mustn't have heard what the other girl said to me because I was snapped out of my trance when the girl pushed me really hard. I fell hard to the ground, it was there I heard a very loud snap-crack sound. I got up in no delay ready to attack this girl because she was being such a bitch to me but stopped when the girl started screaming. I looked at her funny and then looked behind her to see my sister running towards me in a panic. I looked at the girl, she only covered her mouth with her hands and pointed at my arm. Her friends were yelling at me to look at my arm when my sister arrived. I slowly brought my arm to face and it was then I realized it was broken. I could actually see the bone trying to come out of my skin. I turned ghost white and started screaming. My sister started walking towards me in hope to calm me but being the maniac that I was and still am, as I am told, I ran off. I didn't even know why I was running but I did. I ran and ran until I ran into a raving where there was a lot of trees. By this time I was squirting tears out of my eyes. Not just cause I was scared but that my arm was starting to really hurt. I quickly took a seat on a near by limb so I could examine my arm, again I started softly crying.

"What's the matter???", said a voice that sent me spinning around in fear to find out who was there .A boy with long light brown hair and blue eyes came out behind the trees, he was then followed by three other boys, two in which looked like twins. All I could do was look at them with pain in my eyes.

"Well what is it??", the boy continued to ask me as he and the others sat down beside me. I looked at him and then brought my arm, in which I had covered when I first heard him, in view. The boy looked at me and then my arm. He got a horrid look on his face.

"Oh my God, y...you..your arm is broken!!!!", he said stumbling over his words. I looked at him again, to me then and now he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

"Listen, where do you live , we will take you home??!!", he asked putting his arm around my waist helping me up.

"I live over there, in the blue/green house!!", I said as tears dripped from my eyes.

"Really??You only live a couple houses away from us!!", He said looking at the other ones with him. I gave him a weird look.

"I am Scott and these are my triplet brothers: Clint, Bob, they are identical, and Dave, the un-identical one.", He said looking at me with a questionable expression on his face.

"Ohh, I am Liana but everyone calls me Nana!!", I said looking at them with a slight smile. I then found out that the boys were the Moffatts and that they sang and stuff.

*Weird Back To The Present Thingee *

I sat there in the comfort of the tree remembering how nice it was of them to take me home. I looked out beyond the leaves of the tree to where the clouds were. The sky was darkening and a mighty storm was about to show itself but, I didn't care if I got wet or soaked. I just wanted to stay here in the tree and just remember everything I could.

My mom sighed and got up off the couch and started to walk to towards the window.

"What could be taking them so long I mean it's not.. OH MY GOD!!!!", my mom said being cut off by what she saw out side. She ran over to the door and flung it open and dashed outside. Everybody followed her. My mom ran up to Meghan and tried to get her up off the ground.

"Meghan, did you find Liana? Is she ok? And why are you on the ground, trying to get a cold?", my mom said very worried.

"No ,but I do have a feeling that I know where she is!!!", Meghan said putting her hands over her head trying to control her breathing.

"I know where she is!!!", Scott said butting in,"And if you like I could go and see if she is there?!!", he finished. My mom just looked at him and then she finally agreed. Scott smiled at her and the ran off towards the park. He was only hoping and praying that she was there so that he could talk to her in private.

I sat there looking at the sky, it was then I started to feel the rain tickle my skin. It was weird but I had, my whole life, hated to be in the rain but now it seemed as if I really wanted it to come. Maybe cause I wanted it to wash off all my worries. I always dreamt about seeing the guys again and when I finally get to see them in person, I run off like a complete wacko. I looked down at my arm, the one in which I had broke. More like the one Jennifer broke when she pushed me. The arm in which helped me become such good friends with the Moffatts. I sat and thought for a moment. Thought about how my life was changed by the boys and how they probably don't even like me anymore. That thought gave me goose bumps and I only get goose bumps when I am really scarred or worried. I looked at the goose bumps and then I could feel the pain and anger towards myself kick in. I started crying, cries in which went from soft sorrow drops of tears to tear like rain the kind that was hitting me from up above. Now the rain hit my clothes and skin so hard that it hurt. And then the rain seemed to not come down so hard because I felt the stinging sensation on my shoulders ease. It was then I looked at my shoulders to see if they had survived the pain when I saw a hand. A hand in which was not my mine. I flung around to yell at whoever was there holding on to my shoulders for scaring me but:

"OH MY GOSH!!"was all that would come out.