My mouth dropped wide open and my eyes begin to enlarge. I couldn't believe it, Scott was right there looking straight at me.

" Scott, um, I am sorry. I didn't know it was you, you scared me there for a minute!", I said to him looking at his face expressions. He was so cute when he wanted to be and believe me he was really trying to be cute when I was talking to him.

" Liana, you've gotten older and prettier since the last time I saw you!!", he said looking right into my eyes. Now I don't know what did it but this remark sent a spark through my whole body. Part of me wanted to just kiss and hug him and tell him how much I have missed him, but a part of me wanted to kill him. I couldn't back down, I can't show no love or affection, at least not now. I stood up and looked down on him with anger in my expression, he looked up at me with concern.

" Well now, lets see,", I said putting my finger to my chin," you would have known that I have changed along time ago, that is if you ever wrote me. I mean come on Scott, you were my best friend when I was little, you were the only friend I really had, besides your brothers. When you left, I became very to myself and shut up AND....,"I said raising my voice," ...when you never called me nor wrote me, I felt...I felt lonely!!!", I finished turning away from him, I didn't want him to see how I reacted.

" I felt like you never wanted to see me again, that you never really cared about me the....the way I cared about you!!", I managed to speak although the tears in which developed in a matter of seconds, muffled my words. I put my hands up to wipe up my tears when he placed his hand on my shoulder to stop me. He turned me around so that I could face him, this what I dreaded. He took his hand and brought it to my chin, where he lifted my head that was staring at our feet, up to face his face. I looked at him, at his eyes!! They were truly beautiful, they seemed to glow, glow like the moon's reflection on a lake.

" I am sorry, but the reason I never called nor wrote you is because .....I couldn't face the fact that I was ***in love with you***. I didn't want to face the pain that I might feel when I would heard your voice on the phone or read your letters that smelled just like you. I couldn't do it, it was to much pain,,too much that if I could have torn me apart!!!" he finished looking straight at me. I always loved the way he talked, especially now. For now his words did not only make my knees tremble but made my heart melt, then wash away with the rain, the rain that was falling. I gave him a slight smile. In return he only licked his lips. By moistening his lips I got an urge to kiss him. I looked at his eyes one last time and then I was about to lean in and make my move when he beat me to it. Our lips touched and I could feel is breath . I opened my mouth and licked his lips, he returned by opening his as well. As our kiss grew passionate and deep, I had the feeling in which we were being watched. I opened my eyes and looked down at the ground only to see eyes watching us from afar. I quickly pulled away from Scott and looked down at the eyes that were watching us, a pair in which belonged to a person who I beat the crap out of earlier. Clint, Bob and of course, Dave all started laughing. Scott and I just looked at each other with embarrassment and then back to the ground where the 3 boys were rolling with laughter. Scott walked past me and headed towards the edge of the tree where he climbed down to join his brothers. I stood there looking at now all 4 of them, they looked at me and then at each other.

" Well aren't you coming? You're not going to stay in that tree all day, are you??", Clint asking while he stood up to talk to me.

" Well lets see," I said looking around me," there is enough leaves and tree bark up here to last me through winter but the question is do I really want to waste all this nutrition on actually coming down there and reuniting with the children of the corn!!", I finished putting my finger to my temple.

They all got up and stood there looking at me.

" Naah, My mom always said nutrition is the most important thing!!", I said with a slight smile as I sat down on a near by branch.

" Well it looks like the Nutrition freaks strike again, since they are not coming down then it is our duty, the Junk Food Junkies, to go retrieve this band of healthy livers and bring them back to the dark side!!", Bob said towards his brothers. He then looked at me and then laughed a deep, evil laugh. I only raised one of my eyebrows at him, he was always very amusing and stupid the same time and still was. All four of them walked up to the side of the tree and started climbing when all of them were on the same branch as me I looked at them and smiled really mischievously. I then jumped the 7 ft towards the ground. I got up and looked at the boys who had the weirdest expressions on their faces.

" You are true wacko, ya know that??" Scott said looking at me while shaking his head.

" You know you're probably right but I am also a girl who is faithful to her own kind, so without further comments me and my groupie, so called "the nutrition freaks" , are leaving!! Bye boys", I said waving my hands in a good bye gesture. I walked over just one of the fences that surrounded the park and I slowly began to walk towards my house, rubbing my fingers along the metal bars as I walked. It was then I heard the sound of rustling behind me. I turned around to see the boys running up behind me. I waited for them to catch up. It was there we walked the rest of the way home, of course stopping by the park. Just to fool around a little. After swinging on the swings and playing on the monkey bars for a while, we all decided to play hide-n-seek and tag mixed together. When it came to choosing who was it Dave was outnumbered and he had to be it but, he didn't mind. We all started on our ways. I however, didn't go in the same direction as the boys.

" Hey Liana where you going??', Bob managed to scream out while he was running.

I ignored him, I didn't want anyone knowing where my secret spot was and if I would have told him Dave was surely to over hear. As I ran around some buildings that were restrooms and an eating places, I could only think of the time that I received my first kiss by Scott. Of course when he finished I had punched him really hard and ran away. It always seemed that I was running from my future because of my past. I finished running, I was very tired. I spotted my secret place. Which happened to be a closed pavilion that was never used. I opened the door and quietly sat there in the darkness of the room. I felt very tired and that it would probably take Dave awhile to find me so I decided to rest my eyes for awhile.


I really want to go find Liana. Scott thought as he and Clint were sitting in part of a rocky ditch that was covered by weeds and tall grass.

" Ya know Scott, when we went to go find you two, I couldn't help but notice some tonsil hockey action going on!!", Clint said trying not to laugh. Scott only turned bright red and looked at the ground.

" Oh come on Scott you can tell me, I'm your friend!!", Clint said budging Scott a little.

" There's nothing going on between me and Liana, we are just good friends and we were giving each other a nice welcome home, nice to see ya again gestures, that's it!!", Scott said looking at Clint. Clint laughed really loud.

"You are the worst liar I have ever met" Clint said while chuckling. Scott gave him a look of annoyance and raised his eyebrows, but when he went to say something Dave and Bob popped up over the bushel of earth.

"FOUND YA!!", he said pointing down at them.

" Wasn't hard either, you could hear Clint clear across the field", Bob added as he sat down next to Scott.

" Now all I have to do is find Liana!!", Dave said while scooping the view from where he was standing.

"Hey why don't all of us look for her, it will be faster, so that way we can go home sooner to get something to eat??!!", Bob said.

They all agreed and soon were off to look for her. Bob started off in the direction that he had seen Liana before. Scott ran up to him.

"Hey,I am going to search with you , okay???", Scott asked as he started strolling along with Bob.

"Ok, but I think I already know where she is!!", Bob said as he started running.

"How would you know where she would be??", Scott asked trailing behind.

" Well when we were little we used to go to this place, this pavilion and play cards, because it was cool and nice in there compared to how hot it would get during the summer", Bob said as he lead Scott around some corners and finally to in front of the Pavilion. As they walked in Bob spotted something on the floor,,it looked like a person. He budged Scott to get his attention, Scott turned and looked at what Bob was eyeing!!! With questionable doubts the two started towards the person. As they grew closer Scott noticed it was Liana.

"Bob, it's Liana!!", Scott said with worry in his voice as he ran over to her!! Bob looked at him as he stood there wondering why Liana was on the floor. Scott then broke into a panic!

" Oh my, oh my, I mean OH MY GOD!!! She doesn't look like she is breathing!!!", Scott said as he got up and starting pacing the room.

Bob bent down to check her pulse and exam her closely.

"Scott!!!", Bob said trying to get his attention,,but of course Scott was to busy worrying to even notice Bob.

" I mean she could be dead just because of a silly ... why did we even play that stupid game!!! I mean...."

"SCOTT!!!!!!", Bob said, his voice growing louder.

Scott turned to him,, Bob looked down at Liana and then back up at Scott.

" She is only sleeping Scott,,she is not dead, don't worry!!" Bob said giving Scott an annoyed look

. Scott ran over to Liana and placed his ear over Liana's mouth to hear Liana breathing. The same time he bent his head over Liana's eyes opened and looked up at the head of hair in front of her and then directed only her eyes towards Bob. Bob gave her a look,,suddenly her eyes closed as Scotts head bolted up to face Bob's.

" Are you sure she isn't dead I can't hear her breathing!!" Scott asked Bob.

Bob looked down at Liana who's eyes were still closed.

" I am more then positive,,check again!!", Bob motioned.

And once again Scott bent his head over Liana's mouth. Bob looked down at Liana and once again her eyes opened. Bob and her exchanged looks.

" Are you sure,,I can't hear her!!" Scott said still bent over listening for Liana to breath. Liana then opened her mouth and....

"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!!", she screamed in to Scott's ear.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Scott screamed as he jumped back a few feat. Liana got up and looked at Scott who had his finger in his ear to stop the ringing sound and then towards Bob.

Bob and her started laughing!! Scott only looked at them with a painful expression on his face. "Lets go...I am hungry guys!!!",Liana said as she walked towards the door. Scott and Bob followed. On the way out Scott slapped Bob upside the head,.....

"That's for scaring the shit out of me!!!!!!!!"