1: The Awakening

The wind whipped across his soft cold cheeks. He looked up at the peaceful starry night sky. The sky looked as if somebody had painted it beautifully with different shades of grays and blacks. He felt the rain drops fall onto him in rhythmic patterns. He bent down and brushed away the thick greenly brown vines, and a smooth layer of dirt that laid over the marbled stone. He slowly traced the cold, stoned, engraved words ‘Willow Carpenter' with his index finger. He repeated the words slowly, and quickly drew his finger back. He wasn't sure why he did it. He felt anger, fear, sadness all at the same time as though he had knew her. But he had never seen somebody with that name before. Exception Buffy. His eyes drifted to the bottom of the stone which read ‘October 1973 to May 13 1989.'

Odd., he thought to himself as he gently pushed the indiglo button on his watch.

"She died here 10 years ago.... to the date." He told himself. All of the sudden he tumbled back afraid. He knew there had to be a reason he had to have come here. He had never come to dark eerie places like this. Especially at midnight. He had a gut feeling to come here, to read the inscription on the grave. He slowly got up and brushed the vines back and started to walk further. He wasn't sure what was driving him. He wanted to turn around and walk out but he couldn't He wasn't sure what it was, if he wasn't controlling himself. It was almost as though a demon was. He walked over to a oak tree. Something caught his eyes. Beauty. He slowly walked over to it. As he got closer he saw what it was. A young girl around his age lying on her stomach. She looked quite peaceful there lying under the tree. Her hair looked red. A very dark red, almost blood red. She wore a black leather jacket and black jeans. He bent down beside her and brushed some thick red hair out of her ear. She rolled over onto her back. He slowly got up and backed away.

"STAY!" The voice called. He stood there as though his feet were glued to the ground. He looked down at her. She had a sly grin on her face. Her eyes were a soft beautiful sky blue.

"I.... I'm Scott," he drew himself to say. Her beauty was overwhelming to him.

"Willow," she said softly in her angelic voice as she got up. She swiftly and quickly turned her head the other way so all he could see was her fiery red hair. She slowly then turned her head towards him. He fell back against a marbled stone. He was petrified. He couldn't move. He forced himself to move back until he felt the cold, musty rock scrape against the back of his neck. He looked up at her. Her skin was a ghastly white color, but her complexion was still beautiful. He adjusted his eyes on hers, they looked a deep, dark shade of yellow. A shade of a cats. Maybe even darker. She whispered something in a language he couldn't understand. It sounded Latin. Her angelic voice sounded dark and evil. From the dark, rich, soil below he felt acold bloody hand grip around his arm, cutting off the circulation. He screamed in pain. It echoed through the cemetery. He looked up at Willow's evil smile. He fixed his eyes on her teeth. They looked almost Vampiric, complete with pearly white fangs. He shook violently. He tried to move but the grasp the hand had on him was too much. He heard a growl like a deadly animal. He felt Willow's weight on top of him. She gripped her cold icy hands around his neck and whispered

"Goodbye Scott." He screamed again louder this time, She growled again. He felt her dig her teeth into his neck. It was almost as if someone was piercing a knife slowly and painfully into him. Blood. Warm, thick, rich, red blood trickled down his shirt. Everything went black. He felt the weight lifted off him. The bloody hand gripped no more around his arm. He fell back into the cold, wet, rich soil.