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tHiS bE sOmE qUoteS thAt i'Ve coME aCcRoSs...SomE oF dEm aRE faVOriTes, SomE aRE ThiNgs daT i FolLOw, sOmE aRe sO tRu, sOMe cAN chaNGE a pErsONs LypHE, dA wAY hE/She thINkS...yAh wHelPS deY aInT aLl MaI oRiGinAL wOrdS, buT n/E waisE juS sIt bAcK anD enJoY, mAyBe sOMe wiLl gET yOU to aCtuAllY thINk, hehEHe j/p...yAh wheLpS iF yOu gOT anYmORe yoU wAn' mEeH to Add, jUS lEt mEeH knOw