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Magic Cards for Sale or Trade

These are the Magic cards I have for sale or trade. They are by color, alphabetically, and if you don't see what you want ask. All cards are mint or near mint and duplicates are not shown.

Animate Wall(4th), Archangel(Vis.), Aysen Highway(StH.), Blessing(4th), CoP:Artifact(4th), Defensive Formation(Urz.), Divine Transformation(4th), Elder Land Wurm(4th), Etheral Champion(Mir.), Eye for an Eye(3rd,4th), Gaurdian Angel(3rd), Island Sanctuary(4th), Martyrs of Korlis(Ant.), Null Chamber(Mir.), Order of the Sacred Torch(Ice), Orim's Prayer(Tem.), Personal Incarnation(4th,5th), Petra Sphinx(Chr.), Reverse Damage(4th), Righteousness(4th), Serra Angel(3rd,4th) Serra's Embrace(Urz.), Shadowbane(Mir.), Soul Echo(Mir.), Soul Sculptor(Urz.), Spirit Link(3rd,4th), Sunweb(Mir.), Sustaining Spirit(Ali.), Swords to Plowshare(Unl.), Waylay(Urz.), Zuberi Golden Feather(Mir.),

Argothian Elder(Urz.), Aspect of Wolf(4th), Autumn Willow(Hom), Blanchwood Armor(Urz.), Bounty of the Hunt(Ali.), Camouflage(Unl.), Channel(3rd), Concordant Crossroads(Chr.), Crumble(3rd), Deranged Hermit(Urz.), Dirtcowl Wurm(Tem.), Erhnam Djinn(Chr.), Fastbond(3rd), Foratog(Mir.), Fungal Bloom(Fal.), Fungusaur(5th), Ghazban Ogre(ArN.), Hall of Gemstones(Mir.), Harmonic Convergence(Urz.), Hidden Gibbons(Urz.), Hot Springs(Ice), Killer Bees(4th), Lifelace(4th), Living Artifact(3rd), Living Lands(3rd), Mindbender Spores(Mir.), Nature's Chosen(Ali.), Nature's Wrath(Ali.), Nettletooth Djinn(Mir.), Primal Order(Hom.), Regrowth(3rd), Ritual of Subdual(Ice), Seeds of Innocence(Mir.), Serendib Efreet(3rd), Stunted Growth(Ice), Sylvan Library(4th), War Dance(Urz.), Winter Blast(4th).

Aether Storm(Hom.), Braingeyser(3rd), Chronotog(Vis.), Clone(3rd), Dance of Many(Chr.), Deep Spawn(Fal.), Drain Power(3rd), Force of Will(Ali.), Giant Oyster(Hom.), Illusions of Grandeur(Ice), Juxtapose(Chr.), Lifetap(3rd), Magical Hack(3rd,4th), Mahamoti Djinn(4th), Mana Short(4th), Marjhan(Hom.), Mesmeric Trance(Ice), Musician(Ice), Mystic Decree(Hom.), Phychic Transfer(Mir.), Raven Familiar(Urz.), Reconstruction(3rd), Serendib Efreet(3rd), Shimmer(Mir.), Walking Sponge(Urz.).

Anaba Ancestor(Hom.), Anaba Spirit Crafter(Hom.), Atog(3rd), Burning Palm Efreet(Mir.), Chaos Moon(Ice), Curse of Marit Lage(Ice), Dragon Whelp(3rd), Dwarven Armory(Ice), Earthbind(3rd), Earthquake(4th), False Orders(Beta), Feint(Leg.), Hivis of the Scale(Mir.), Illicit Auction(Mir.), Keldon Warlord(3rd,4th), Kird Ape(3rd), Kobolds of Kher Keep(Leg.), Kookus(Vis.), Lightning Cloud(Vis.), Manabarbs(3rd,4th), Manaflare(3rd,4th), Marton Stromgald(Ice), Power Surge(4th), Ogre Enforcer(Vis.), Primordial Ooze(Chr.), Relentless Assault(Vis.), Roc of Kher Ridges(3rd), Sedge Troll(3rd), Subterranean Spirit(Mir.), Winds of Change(3rd,4th,5th), Zirilian of the Claw(Mir.).

Bereavement(Urz.), Carrion Ants(3rd,4th), Catacomb Dragon(Mir.), Contract from Below(3rd), Cosmic Horror(4th), Darkness(Leg.), Darkpact(3rd), Demonic Tutor(3rd), El-Hajjaj(ArN.,3rd,4th), Fallen Angel(Chr.), Flow of Maggots(Ice), Forbidden Crypt(Mir.), Junan Efreet(4th), Mind Twist(3rd,4th), Necratog(Wea.), Nettling Imp(3rd), Phyrexian Tribute(Mir.), Pox(Ice), Royal Assassin(3rd,4th), Sengir Autocrat(Hom.), Sengir Vampire(3rd,4th), Sorceress Queen(3rd,4th), Spoils of War(Ice), Stupor(6th), Tourach's Gate(Fal.), Vampirism(Vis.), Will-O-The-Wisp(3rd,4th), Yawgmoth's Edict(Urz.).

Aegis of the Meek(Ice), Amulet of Unmaking(Mir.), Barl's Cage(Dark), Black Mana Battery(4th), Blue Mana Battery(4th), Bone Mask(Mir.), Bottle of Suleiman(4th), Celestial Prism(3rd), Clockwork Avian(4th), Clockwork Beast(4th), Conservator(3rd), Cursed Rack(4th), Didgeridoo(hom.), Dingus Egg(4th), Disrupting Scepter(3rd,4th,5th), Echo Chamber(Wea.), Goblin lyre(Ice), Helm of Chatzuk(4th), Icy Manipulator(Ice), Infinite Hourglass(Ice), Ivory Tower(3rd,4th), Juggernaut(3rd), Kormus Bell(3rd,4th), Mana Prism(6th), Mangara's Tome(Mir.), Millstone(3rd,4th), Necropolis(Dark), Null Rod(Wea.), Red Mana Battery(4th), Rocket Launcher(3rd), Runed Arch(Ice), Sands of Time(Vis.), Skull Catapult(Ice), Smokestack(Urz.), Snake Basket(Vis.), Sol Ring(3rd), Spirit Shield(Fal.), Staff of Ages(Ice), Sunglasses of Urza(3rd), Telim'Tor's Darts(Mir.), The Hive(3rd), Ticking Gnomes(Urz.), Triassic Egg(Chr.), Winter Orb(3rd,4th), Zeylon Sword(Fal.), Zuran Orb(Ice).

Altar of Bone(Ice), Ayesha Tanaka(Chr.), Benthic Djinn(Mir.), Diabolic Vision(Ice), Discordant Spirit(Mir.), Fiery Justice(Ice), Fire Covenent(Ice), Fumarole(Ice), Harbor Gaurdian(Mir.), Hymn of Rebirth(Ice), Kjeldoran Frostbeast(Ice), Marhault Eldsdragon(Chr.), Radiant Essence(Mir.), Reflect Damage(Mir.), Righteous War(Vis.), Shauku's Minion(Mir.), Simoon(Vis.), Warping Wurm(Mir.), Wings of Aesthir(Ice).

Arena Forest, Arena Plain, Arena Swamp, Bayou(3rd), Desert(ArN.), Dwarven Ruins(Fal.), Grasslands(Mir.), Havenwood Battleground(Fal.), Hollow Trees(Fal.), Icatian Store(Fal.), Lava Tubes(Ice), Rainbow Vale(Fal.), River Delta(Ice), Ruins of Trokair(Fal.), Sand Silos(Fal.), Scrubland(3rd), Taiga(3rd), Tropical Island(3rd).

Giant Cards
Black Lotus, Chaos Orb, Island, Plain.

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