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Gomer's Magic: The Gathering Page

Post your HOT combos here:

My most prized possession is an Alpha Fork, but it'll take a lot of wheelin' and dealin' to get it from me. All I have to say is that whatever you have to offer, it better be good.

The Cards I have for sale or Trade

My Favorite Decks:

The Get a Life Deck
4 El-hajjij
4 Spirit Links
4 Blessings
4 Divine Transformations
4 Will-O-The-Wisp
and the rest is up to you.

Looking Through the Glass Bead Deck(Unglued)
4 Giant Fans
2 Goblin Bombs
2 Roc Hatchlings
1 Bottomless Vault
2 Bogardan Phoenixes
2 Icatian Moneychangers
and basically anything that gets a counter, get the picture?

My favorite Combos

Land Tax, Teferi's Puzzlebox, and Zuran Orb
The land tax allows you to get 7 cards in your hand and then the Puzzlebox lets you get 7 new cards each turn. For an added bonus you can use the Orb to get your number of lands below your opponents.

El-Hajjij and Spirit Link
If you put the link on El-Hajjij and then toughen him up a bit with some enchantments not only can you nail your opponent again and again you gain 2 life for every 1 damage dealt.

Subterranean Spirit and Spirit Link
This is especially effective against any type of swarm deck. The Spirit does 1 damage to anything w/o flying and you gain a life.

Marton Stromgald and Breeding Pit
Get a whole bunch of little creatures and then give them +*/+* for every creature you have.

This is just a good way to piss somebody off, especially if you have a few of them.

Urborg Justice and Living Death(I think that's what it's called)
Use the Living Death to exchange all creatures in play for the creatures in each players graveyard. Then force your opponent to sacrifice the amount of creatures that went to your graveyard.

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