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Aine' (AWN-ya) was the princess, only daughter to the Empress of the Clan of Silver Dragons. They were well known for their shapeshifting abilities, and also for their neck and torsos covered with thousands upon thousands of diamonds acting as a special body armor. This 'body armor' grew and changed to fit the scales underneath.

Aine' had a taste for humans, and although she aged differently, one human century equaling one Draconian year to her, that never stopped her curiosity. She would change her form to pass as one of them and acquaint herself with their kind. During her vists with the humans she had fallen in love with a human male.

On the night of the Dakkon alignment she made love to this man and conceived twins with him. The Dakkon alignment was the rarest of alignments. It began with Pae'Goehl, the white moon closest to their planet , and extended in a straight line, from lightest to the darkest, being Cae'tyrl the black moon. Aine' soon found out about her pregnancy, and made the difficult decision to reveal her true form to this man. He became distressed, and left abruptly, gone forever from her.

Taera was born into the clan, with his twin brother Dlel. They were nicknamed drakkens-a half human, half dragon creature, because of their conception during the alignment. Aine', persecuted by her friends and peers, was forced to take the twins to her mother, the Empress, lest they be killed by the other members of the clan.

The Empress set the matter before the oldest dragon of their world who lived deep in the caves in the earth, The Ancient One. She was told to send the brothers to opposite ends of their world. Taera was sent to a tropical forest, to be raised by the tribe living there. Dlel was sent to a barren desert, to live with the creatures there.

Under the instructions of the Empress, left with the drakken child, the tribe would teach him the ways of earthy magics, ones of the mind, and light, and for restricted purposes, dark magics too. They told him how to make foods and take from the animals and plants around him the necessities his body needed, using everything so that nothing went to waste. He was also taught various arts of fighting and defending himself by the tribe warriors. Occasionally a human would come to trade with the tribes people, which from them he would learn how to use such instruments as a sword. When he was old enough he was sent away, and left to wander on his own.

Drakken wandered for centuries, across plateau's and oceans, mountains and deserts. It was in a town, hidden away from the rest of the world, by a desert valley and its frequent storms that he met a young woman Eadaoin (AY-deen). She found him asleep in a barn outside the town in a dry field that had never produced anything. She took an instant liking to him, his strange appearance of no matter to her. She would frequently bring him home cooked meals, and some clothes handed down to her by other members of the village, that she thought would fit him.

He in turn would teach her the skills of survival he had used over centuries passed, and some healing magics, which would be useful, because some of the habitants of the village had been struck deathly ill by some disease. Eadaoin's curiosity of him never ended, for she was always asking questions, of which Drakken would answer to the best of his abilities. Time passed, and they eventually had fallen in love with each other.

On a stormy night in which the clouds blackened the sky, and the winds picked up, Eadaoin was taken from her house, chained to a steel stake atop a wooden wagon. The wagon was driven to the center of town where she would be accused of being the cause of the illness that had struck so many dead in their town, and then be burned alive for practiceing black magic. Awakening from a nap, Drakken heard Eadaoin's screams for help and darted out of the barn and across the field. Not even half way into the field he was struck by lightening and fell unconscious.

When he awoke he stumbled into town unnoticed by the sleeping inhabitants. There he found Eadaoin's skeleton, bones black from the fire, still chained where she died. Unimaginable sorrow and grief filled his hearts. It was then that he cast a sleeping spell on everyone in the town. Once outside the town, and on the other side of the field he called upon the winds from the west to blow in the direction of the town. He conjured up a ball of fire and tossed it at the dry field. Within moments the town was ablaze, their deaths more merciful than his love. Turning his back his walked off into the desert again.

Within months he came upon an old dwelling of which he would discover was were his Clan used to live. Exploring this place in the mountains, he learned much of his mother, of a twin he had, and secret passages speaking of the birth of his sister, Caelan (KEE-lin) not soon after he and Dlel had been sent away. Caelan had been kept secret from the other members of the Clan for her own safety. He decided to try and seach out Caelan the sister he only knew by name, if she still lived. Maybe she could provide answers.

Stopping one evening at an inn, he became entranced by a dark beautiful young woman. She took him up to her quarters, and slept with him. Drakken awoke the next night with an intense thirst for blood. That week a strange sickness befell many of the townspeople. The sickness drained them of blood bone dry, leaving no marks on their bodies. Always after feeding he would follow the strange womans scent, and the trail of mutilated bodies she left behind. This trail led out into the heavily forested hills, and so he followed.

It was there that he met a creature that was a mirror image of himself on the outside, yet rank with darkness. They battled each other for weeks, until Taera was finally beaten near to death by his twin. Dragged down the hillside, and into the middle of the plains on the other side, he was bound to an old dead tree. Moments before down he awoke, barely breaking his bonds and he staggered weak, and malnourished towards the nearest cover he saw. It seemed almost hopeless as the sun cleared the hills, the rays of light burning and baking every scale and piece of flesh that it hit. He fell…no longer able to carry himself forth, and lost consciousness.

He awoke in a cave, somewhat damp along the walls and floors. There he met Erik, a wandering vampiric-elf. He learned that he had been saved by this creature, and his wounds were healing rapidly. Erik had a special feature about him, an immunity to sunlight. Thinking it for the best Erik embraced Drakken, giving him the same immunity to the sun he had. Stories were shared, and together they decided to look for Caelan, and the dark woman that took both their lives, and their souls….

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