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Because this page has several Writers, it has several parts. This prevents us from arguing over content or aesthetics.

Terms of Service

To the reader:

By viewing of this site, or any of its contents, you, the viewer, explicitly imply that you have agreed to these Terms of Service (TOS). If you do not agree to abide by the following rules of the Terms of Service, you are advised to leave this site immediately. But please don't!

All opinions are meant to be offensive, and by the continued viewing of this page, you the viewer agree to forfeit your rights, including but not limited to, press charges, file reports, file law suits, censor us, breed, become the president, pick wild berries, play with Legos or own cattle, etc.

If you find anything on this site offensive, then we're doing our job well.

We reserve the right to change, update, or interrupt the service of this site at any time without consolation or reparation, but we probably won't because the voices won't let us.

By reading these terms of service, or by reading any page or any material contained on this site, you implicitly agree to our terms, which include the right for us to annoy you with our ramblings until your fragile mind breaks like the brittle twig it is.


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