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Set in Mystara

These pages document the operations of deity Set within the campaign world of Mystara.

Orders of Set

This is a listing of chapters, churches, cults, and other religious orders within Mystara.

The Hollow World
The Known World
Brun, Eastern
Chapters of Eastern Brun
Chapter Greater Temple
Representatives of Eastern Brun
Brun, Western (Savage Coast)
Chapters of Western Brun
Davinia, Northern
Isle of Dread
Serpent Peninsula
Sind, Kingdom of
Order of Sind
The Underworld
Shadow Kingdom


Religion (Description of God and Specialty Priests)
Religion of Set
Following of Silvak, the Demon King
Cult of Sutek, the Destroyer
Sutekian Vampires
Chronology of Events
Plans and Religious Documents
Cloak of Darkness
Dagger of Darkness
Mission of Darkness
Heroes of Darkness
The Matara
The Shadow Lord
Related Religions or Powers
The Matara
Viper Clan

Operations (adapted modules)

T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil
Tomb of the Lizard King
Cult of the Reptile God
Caves of Chaos
Horror on the Hill
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