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Marvelous  Ice Cream!!!
Acclaimed by San Jose Mercury
San Jose Mercury News .Extra. Wed, March 8, 1995 Extra 2   11
Great find: ice cream
BY SCOTT FISHER Special to the Mercury News


   There's one other missing component from Jungle Burger's menu: no shakes or desserts of any kind. Even that is no problem for the intrepid diner, who only has to cross the small parking lot to find Real Ice Cream. That's not just the name of the store, it's also its p;roduct. Kids will love the ice cream here; my own chocolate friends were thrilled to find a chewy, dark, rich chocolate ice cream, and a rocky road that mixed walnuts and marshmallows into the same base.

   And at $x.xx(prices have changed since) for a kid-sized cup or cone, it's as big a bargain as the burgers.

   But the best offerings at Real Ice Cream are the Indian flavors. Real Ice cream also sells Indian Chaat, the spicy, crunchy snacks that are so popular in India, and there's a neon sign advertising Kulfi, a traditional Indian dessert made from frozen milk (it's not quite like Western ice cream).

   But the Indian flavors of ice cream here -- priced at $x.xx for a single scoop and $x.xx for double -- are simply exquisite.

   Kim combined cardamom ice cream with sapota, a brown tropical fruit that looks like a kiwi and tastes like a cross between loquat and cherimoya. The cardamom ice cream was delicate fragrant, and sweet, a marvelous contrast to the rich and subtle sapota.

   Of the two I tried, I enjoyed the safron and pistachio immensely. I knew the flavors would be glorious together. The texture of this ice cream, as with all the Indian varieties, is quite different -- not chewy, not fluffy, but almost flaky. The Real Ice Cream people say it's because they make the ice cream without egg yolks, and I suspect that has a lot to do with it.

   But the last flavor I tried has become my favorite ice cream:Mango.

   Big orange chunks of ripe mango are scattered through a brilliant orange ice cream with that same creamy-flaky texture. The exotic tang of mango permeates the dish like the scent of jasmine on a sea breeze. It's simply marvelous.

Thank You San Jose Mercury -- Real Ice Cream
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