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Jason Voorhees is the hockey mask wearing psyco killer from the Friday the 13th series. In Friday the 13th pt. 1, the killer was Jason's vengeful mother, Mrs. Voorhees, angry over the death of her son decades before. Jason drowned, according to his mother, because the camp counsilors were not paying attention to him. ("Jason wasn't a very good swimmer. He should have been watched" - Mrs. V)

The site of the tragic bloodbaths in the first 7 movies is the scenic Camp Crystal Lake. Its name changes over time, but the spot remains the same. Jason makes his debut appearence in Part 2, wearing a fashionable bag over his head with one eye hole. In part 3, he shoots a a harpoon arrow into a guy's throat and steals his hockey mask, which becomes his trademark.

In Part 5, Jason is defeated by young Tommy, who, like Tommy Doyle from the Halloween series, is permanently scarred, leading to his raising Jason from the dead in part 6, appropriately named Jason Lives!.

After finally being sucked into hell in the newest Part 9, Jason Goes To Hell, a new movie with Jason is coming. This movie takes place after J.G.T.H. and features Jason fighting Freddy Kruger.

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Click on the pic to see the new Jason action figure, made by the same company that makes 'Spawn'. The toy line is called 'Movie Maniacs', and includes Leatherface, Freddy Kruger, Eve, Patrick, and Jason. Two versions are available; pg and pg13.

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