Five people stay at a remote old cabin somewhere in the woods. Soon after arriving, they find an old book, made with human skin and written in blood, and a old tape recorder. On the tape, a professor, (the one who owns the house), says he has decoded the book, and knows what it means. Towards the end of the tape, he recites the incantation, and this starts everything. The tpae releases the 'Evil Dead', and one by one everyone is possessed and dead. All except Ash (short for ashley). Now its up to Ash to stop the Evil Dead, and to find out its dark secret. Now, the only way to actually kill a possessed person is to cut them to as many pieces as possible. Ash makes it out, but the next morning he is attacked by the remaining spirit.


Since the original rights to Evil Dead could not be attained, the second E.D. begins with a remake of the 1st one. In this remake, it is only Ash and his girlfriend. Of course she is possessed and killed, leaving Ash alone. As he walkes away from the house the next morning, he is possessed, but the sun saves him.
Making their way to the cabin are the professor's daughter and her boyfriend. When they get to the old bridge to reach the cabin, it is once again destroyed. They find two people that will take them across a remote trail to reach the cabin, where hopefully the professor's daughter will finds the professor.
Ash's possessed body bit his hand, and his hand grew evil, and began attacking him. As his hand smashes plates over his head, Ash takes a knife and pins his hand to the ground. Then he reaches for his chainsaw, and saws his hand off.
When everyone else fianlly makes it to the cabin, they see the blood everywhere and Ash. They accuse Ash of killing the parents, and lock him in the cellar. They listen to the same tape, and hear that the professor's wife was posessed and he buried her in the cellar. In the minutes that come next, Ash is attacked by the professor's zombie wife, and everyone else dies. The professor's duaghter brought with her the missing pages to stop the evil. Unfortunately, the pages were thrown into the basement with the zombie wife.
One of the most important scenes follows. Ash and the professor's daughter attach the chainsaw to ash's hand, and he goes down to fight the zombie wife and get the missing pages. he gets the pages, and the girl chants the lines, summoning this huge devil like creature. Before she can read the secong passage (the one that opens the portal, Ash's evil hand, stabs her in the back. The demon grbas Ash, and the girl uses her last strength to read the paragraph. The portal is opened and everything is sucked in, including Ash.