DESTINY COVERAGE: DelaHoya vs. Mosley

By Mr. BodyShots, in attendance at Staples Center.

Pomona's own "Sugar" Shane Mosley won the battle for braging rights in Southern California with a convincing performance over Oscar DelaHoya. Everyone else is doing the typical fight review and opinions articles, so we offer you a different aproach and try to take you as close as posible to this event. Here is the Jungle's official coverage and takes on this historic night in Los Angeles.


Lou Filipo/ Marty Samon/ Pat Russell


Round 1 9/10 - 9/10 - 9/10
Round 2 9/10 - 10/9 - 10/9
Round 3 10/9 - 10/9 - 10/9
Round 4 9/10 - 9/10 - 10/9
Round 5 10/9 - 10/9 10/9
Round 6 10/9 - 10/9 - 10/9
Round 7 9/10 - 10/9 - 9/10
Round 8 9/10- 9/10 - 9/10
Round 9 9/10 - 10/9 - 9/10
Round 10 9/10 - 9/10- 9/10
Round 11 10/9 - 10/9 - 9/10
Round 12 9/10 - 9/10- 9/10

TOTALS 112-116 / 115-113 / 115-113


Some of showbusiness' top attractions were in attendance for the big fight. While most of the celebrities were just there for the hype and glamour of the event, there were several fighters and well known Hollywood types who are known to love boxing. The night's highlight was when Muhammad Ali got a standing ovation as he came into the arena, followed by a second one as he was announced over the P.A. system, as the crowd chatted "Ali, Ali, Ali."

Kobe Bryant
Magic Johnson
Dennis Hopper
Michelle Pfeiffer
Ed Norton
Dustin Hoffman
Salma Hayak
David Spade
Kenny Babyface Edmonds
Mark Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg
Drew Carey
Gary Shandling
Jasmine Guy
Ken Norton
Joe Frazier
Tim Thomas
Stacy Augmon
Gary Sheffield
Jim Edmonds
Eric Davis
Mark McGuire
Shaquille O'Neal
Will Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith
Denzel Washington
Sylvester Stallone
Jennifer Lopez
Sean Puffy Combs
Mel Gibson
Pamela Anderson
Muhammad Ali
Sugar Ray Leonard
Mark McGrath
David Kelley
Rob Estes
Josie Bessett
Ed O'Neal
Courtney Thorne-Smith
Toby McGuire (Cidar House Rules)
Willy McGuinness
Geraldo Rivera
Robert Shapiro


Naseem Hamed
Vernon Forrest
Darius Michelzweski
Fernando Vargas
Ahmed Santos
Lucia Rijker
John David Jackson


What it comes down to is, DelaHoya should, Mosley could. In this particular case I gotta go with "Could", I think both guys are too good to get knocked out, so Mosley will find a way to avoid most of the big shots, and be able to take some. If DelaHoya fights like he says he is, expect a Morales vs. Barrera of the welterweights, with Mosley being the smaller, yet more complete fighter. Mosley by decision.


Weights: De La Hoya-146 and a half, Mosley-147

Rafael Ruelas, former IBF Lighweight Champion. "Its gonna be a avery competitive fight, because they are both great fighters. Both faced very good opponents and have defeated them. I think Shane has the edge as far as speed, Oscar as far as power and maybe quality of opposition."
Boxing Jungle: Ladies and gentlemen, Rafael Ruelas is running for office.

Ahmed Santos, Jr. welterweight contender.
"I think that this is a good fight. One of those fights everyone wants to see. I think DelaHoya has great experience in bigger fights, plus I think that he'll be stronger than Mosley at welterweight, but I don't rule out the possibility of Mosley winning, he's a great fighter too. Oscar wins by decision by decision or knockout from the 8th round on.

DelaHoya is slightly favored.

John David Jackson, former WBA Middlweight Champion.
"Shane Mosley will stop him early, or wear him down and stop him late. I shouldn't say this, but a decision would not be in his favor, unless he was dominating, because he would not get it.

Genaro "Chicanito" Hernandez, former 2-time jr. lightweight champion.
"I would lean to Oscar. He's fought fighters who have more punching power, he's been hit by them. Shane, he's a great fighter himself, but we just have to wait and see if he can take a good shot. I would have to lean towards oscar."

Diego "Chico" Corrales, IBF/IBA Jr. Lighweight Champion. "I think Oscar is the better boxer, better skilled. I think he will pull it out by decision."


You know a fight is big when all the major East Coast writers are already in town for a press conference for the undercard. We caught up with Wally Mathews, the angriest man in boxing, and he had some brutal takes.

Wally Mathews, NY Writer. "I like DelaHoya by KO in the second half of the fight. I just think the size difference is gonna be too much for Mosley. I think DelaHoya likes when guys come to him, and Mosley is gonna be right there for DelaHoya to hit. I think if DelaHoya wants to keep him at a distance, he'll be able to, because he's got the height advantage and will be able to out jab him. Mosley's key is that he's gotta be able to stay close, but I think in doing that he leave's himself open to run into a left hook, and I think that will probably happen around 9 rounds."

Boxing Jungle: When do we get Wally Mathews vs. "Van Smack"?

WM: Who's that!!!?

Boxing Jungle: Exactly!

WM: Who is that? Come over here! Who da fuck are we talking about!?

Boxing Jungle: Jim Rome.

WM: Oh, fuck him! He's a pussy, he would never fucken fight me, and you go tell him that. Tell that motherfucker that. I'm serious!"

Boxing Jungle: What happened?

WM: He's a fuckin' cunt. Do you know what a cunt is?

By the way, Jim Rome is picking Mosley to win.

Steve Springer, Los Angeles Times.
"I predict Oscar DelaHoya will win by decision. I don't see a knockout. I think that its Oscar's power against Mosley's speed. I think Oscar will ultimately win."

Rich Marotta, Fox Sports Network.
"Logically, when you weigh everything, it seems like Oscar should be the choice. But I really don't think that logic is necerally gonna prevail in this fight. Sometimes the big guy doesn't always win. I believe that Shane Mosley's determination, his will to win, and the way that he's approaching this fight, which is in a "I refuse to loose" kind of mode, is gonna carry him through some difficult moments. Eventually he's gonna prevail in an upset, and beat Oscar on a decision."

Bert Sugar, Boxing Historian
"My prediction is a 12 round decision for "Sugar" Shane Mosley."

Carlos Arias, Orange County Register.
"I think Oscar is underestimating "Sugar" Shane's speed, strenght, and power, and I think that's gonna prove to be the fatal mistake. I think its gonna be a great fight if like Oscar is saying, the want to go toe to toe, force the action, that's gonna make for a great fight, but I think Shane is gonna come out on top, TKO in the 10th round."

Robert Morales, San Gabriel Valley Tribune.
"I think that Sugar "Shane" Mosley is a lot stronger than Oscar is giving him credit for, I think he's faster, and ultimately I think he's the hungrier fighter of the two. I am picking Mosley by a 10th round TKO."

Matt Richardson, in association with, proudly present and in-depth analysis of




1) Nov.23, 1992 Lamar Williams KO 1 -
2) Dec. 12, 1992 Cliff Hicks KO 1 -
3) Jan. 3, 1993 Paris Alexander KO 2 -
4) Feb. 6, 1993 Curtis Strong KO 4 -
5) Mar. 13, 1993 Jeff Mayweather KO 4 -
6) Apr. 6, 1993 Mike Grable W 8 -
7) May 8, 1993 Frank Avelar KO 4 -
8) Jun. 7, 1993 Troy Dorsey KO 1 -
9) Aug. 14, 1993 Renaldo Carter KO 6 -
10) Aug. 27, 1993 Angelo Nunez KO 4 -
11) Oct. 30, 1993 Narciso Valenzuela KO 1 -
12) Mar. 5, 1994 Jimmi Bredahl KO 10 Won WBO Jr. Lightweight Title
13) May 27, 1994 Giorgio Campanella KO 3 Ret. WBO Jr. Lightweight Title-
14) Jul. 29, 1994 Jorge Paez KO 2 Won WBO Lightweight Title
15) Nov. 18, 1994 Carl Griffith KO 3 Ret. WBO Lightweight Title
16) Dec. 10, 1994 John Avila KO 9 Ret. WBO Lightweight Title
17) Feb. 18, 1995 John John Molina W 12 Ret. WBO Lightweight Title
18) May 6, 1995 Rafael Ruelas KO 2 Ret. WBO Lightweight Title / Won IBF Lightweight Title
19) Sep. 9, 1995 Genaro Hernandez KO 6 Ret. WBO Lightweight Title
20) Dec. 15, 1995 Jesse James Leija KO 2 Ret. WBO Lightweight Title
21) Feb. 9, 1996 Darryl Tyson KO 2 -
22) Jun. 7, 1996 Julio Cesar Chavez KO 4 Won WBC Jr. Welterweight Title
23) Jan. 28, 1997 Miguel Angel Gonzalez W 12 Ret. WBC Jr. Welterweight Title
24) Apr. 12, 1997 Pernell Whitaker W 12 Won WBC Welterweight Title
25) Jun. 14, 1997 David Kamau KO 2 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
26) Sep. 13, 1997 Hector Camacho W 12 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
27) Dec. 6, 1997 Wilfredo Rivera KO 8 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
28) Jun. 13, 1998 Patrick Charpentier KO 3 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
29) Sep. 18, 1998 Julio Cesar Chavez KO 8 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
30) Feb. 13, 1999 Ike Quartey W 12 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
31) May 22, 1999 Oba Carr KO 11 Ret. WBC Welterweight Title
32) Sep. 18, 1999 Felix Trinidad L 12 For IBF Welterweight Title / Lost WBC Welterweight Title
33) Feb. 26, 2000 Derrell Coley KO 7 Won WBC Welterweight Title



1) Feb. 11, 1993 Greg Puente KO 5 -
2) Apr. 24, 1993 Arnulfo Villa KO 1 -
3) Jul. 21, 1993 Pey Castillo KO 1 -
4) Aug. 25, 1993 Roberto Urias KO 5 -
5) Sep. 27, 1993 Miguel Pena KO 2 -
6) Oct. 25, 1993 Juan Aranda KO 2 -
7) Dec. 6 , 1993 Paulino Gonzalez KO 2 -
8) Jan. 20, 1994 Francisco Rodriguez KO 2 -
9) Feb. 4 , 1994 Lorenzo Garcia KO 5 -
10) Mar. 26, 1994 Oscar Lopez W 10 -
11) Apr. 29, 1994 Lorenzo Garcia KO 3 -
12) Jun. 30, 1994 John Bryant KO 8 -
13) Jul. 24, 1994 Narciso Valenzuela KO 5 -
14) Aug. 6 , 1994 Mauro Gutierrez KO 9 -
15) Sep. 9 , 1994 Louis Ramirez KO 10 -
16) Nov. 12, 1994 Jose Madrid KO 4 -
17) Apr. 12, 1995 Raul Hernandez KO 2 -
18) July 20, 1995 Mauricio Aceves KO 4 -
19) Jan. 23, 1996 Mike Bryan KO 1 -
20) Nov. 1 , 1996 Ramon Felix KO 1 -
21) Dec. 21, 1996 Joseph Murray KO 3 -
22) Feb. 6 , 1997 Elias Quiroz KO 6 -
23) Apr. 9 , 1997 Mike Smith KO 4 -
24) Aug. 2 , 1997 Philip Holiday W 12 Won IBF Lightweight Title
25) Nov. 25, 1997 Manuel Gomez KO 11 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
26) Feb. 6, 1998 Demetrio Ceballos KO 8 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
27) May 9, 1998 John John Molina KO 8 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
28) Jun. 27, 1998 Wilfrido Ruiz KO 5 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
29) Sep. 22, 1998 Eduardo Morales KO 5 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
30) Nov. 14, 1998 Jesse James Leija KO 9 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
31) Jan. 9, 1999 Golden Johnson KO 7 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
32) Apr. 17, 1999 John Brown KO 8 Ret. IBF Lightweight Title
33) Sep. 25, 1999 Wilfredo Rivera KO 10 -
34) Jan. 22, 2000 Willy Wise KO 3 -


This a category in which both men excel in. De La Hoya's speed was and still is underrated, but as he showed in his fight with Trinidad, he may have the second pair of fastest hands in the business (behind Roy Jones Jr. , of course). He tatooed "Tito"s face with sharp and quick left and rights, and he was so quick that Trinidad couldn't even hit him back. Now, remember, going into that fight last September, Trinidad was thought to have been the speedier of the two. That type of mindset is the same with Mosley. Everyone sees how quick he is and it impresses everyone. But the factor here is that, although "Sugar" Shane has great speed, when those quick punches connect they seem to be sloppy and they miss alot. Perfect example: Mosley's bout with Willie Wise in January. As for De La Hoya, he is quick and on target. I'd rather be De La Hoya in this category. EDGE: De La Hoya

Neither man is Tyson in this category, but they aren't Johnny Tapia either. Let's say that both men have above average power. Mosley has really been designated as the KO king with all but one his title bouts ending inside the distance, plus the fact that he has 32 KO's in 34 wins. But those knockouts are as much an aberration as the vacant WBA heavyweight title. Mosley's knockouts have been the result of an accumulation of punches, instead of the Tyson-esque, 1 punch knockout that we usually expect from a hard puncher. I use the Mosley-Wise fight as an example again. It took Mosley 3 rounds to knockout Wise (who is every bit the journeyman his record suggests) and none of the shots that knocked Wise down were solid shots, but merely alot of the same shots. Of course, If you get hit 4 times by the same punch, your bound to get hurt. If you still don't believe me on this take a look at all the TKO's on Mosley's record. As for the "Golden Boy", he has solid KO's over such opposition as Jesse James Leija, Rafael Ruelas, Derrell Coley, etc. Plus, he has dynamite in his left hook. EDGE: De La Hoya

This, unlike the other categories, is an area in which De La Hoya is head and shoulders above "Sugar" Shane. De La Hoya, although no Willie Pep, never showed a talent for great defense but in his fight with "Tito" he showed what the "Sweet Science" is all about-hit your opponent and don't get hit back. He did this throughout the majority of the fight, but we all know what happened in the final few frames, so I won't even go into that. As for Mosley, he got hit way too much in his bout with Wilfredo Rivera last September. He was taking unnecessary shots repeatedly, and going into the final round, one judge had the fight even. Although Mosley never seemed too dazed from Rivera's shots, it showed that Mosley's defense is lacking, and that may be his downfall against the "Golden Boy."
EDGE: De La Hoya

This may be De La Hoya's weakest category as he has tasted the canvas repeatedly throughout his career. The case can be made that the majority of those knockdowns were flash knockdowns, but he was hurt when Ike Quartey knocked him down in that great 6th round last year. Pernell Whitaker was notorious for his lack of power, but even he put the 1992 Olympic-Gold Medalist on the floor. Does anybody know who Narciso Velenzuela is? No, don't feel bad, neither do I. But he knocked down Oscar too. Mosley on the other hand has never been knocked down, and I don't even think "Sugar" Shane has ever been in trouble. My opinion on Mosley's chin may change, but as of now I think he can take a shot better than De La Hoya can. EDGE: Mosley

Don't go and believe De La Hoya's excuse that the reason he ran from Trinidad for the last 4 rounds was because he thought he had already won the fight. He ran because he didn't have the stamina to maintain the clinic that he was displaying for the first 8 rounds. He has a stamina problem, and I knew before he even said it, that the real reason he ran from Trinidad in those "championship" rounds was because he knew he was tired and that if he stopped and actually fought (god, forbid) that he would get knocked out. Mosley, however, has excellent stamina, and he also maintains his power throughout the whole bout. This is evident in late round knockouts of John-John Molina, Jesse James Leija, John Brown, Wilfredo Rivera, etc. EDGE: Mosley

This is another category in which De La Hoya beats Mosley fairly easily. A list of the opponents De La Hoya has beaten: Derrell Coley, Felix Trinidad (to most fans), Oba Carr, Ike Quartey, Pernell Whitaker, Julio Cesar Chavez, Rafael Ruelas, Jesse James Leija, John-John Molina, Hector Camacho, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Genaro Hernandez. Many may argue that those fighters were old (Julio Cesar Chavez, Hector Camacho) too small (Genaro Hernandez, Miguel Angel Gonzalez) or that they beat De La Hoya (Whitaker, Trinidad, Quartey). They may be right, but the fact of the matter is that De La Hoya fought those guys, not how he did against them. Mosley has fought good opposition, but it pales in comparison to Oscar. They do have a few common opponents, however. Narciso Velenzuela, Jesse James Leija, and John-John Molina fought "Sugar" Shane and the "Golden Boy." In each case, De La Hoya looked better. EDGE: De La Hoya



I think that Mosley is going to come out and jump on De La Hoya. He should run out of his corner to start the first and start banging with De La Hoya. I expect him to hurt Oscar, but De La Hoya should re-cooperate nicely and may even knock down Mosley with one of those famous left hooks. The knockdown will come late in the first so Mosley won't have the chance to retaliate. From then on out it will be a brawl. I see it along the lines of Morales-Barrera but with knockdowns. Expect both men to hurt each other throughout the bout and a Mosley flurry will deposit De La Hoya on the seat of his pants around the 6th or 7th round. All in all it should be a great close bout. One thing everybody keeps on pointing out is the fact that De La Hoya has yet to be dominant in his superfight-but who has? That other "Sugar", Ray Leonard wasn't dominant in his superfights either, but does that make him that less a fighter? No. In fact, find me a fighter who has dominated his superfights. Another general opinion of the fight is that the fight will end by knockout. I don't think so. I think both men know that if they lose by knockout that it will taint their careers forever (a la Tommy Hearns). I mean wasn't De La Hoya-Quartey and De La Hoya-Trinidad supposed to end in brutal knockouts too? This fight is going the distance, mark my words. But the real reason you read this whole analysis is because you want to see who will win the fight-so I will tell you...Drum roll please...Oscar De La Hoya. That's right, I pick the "Golden Boy." He has the edge in the majority of the categories and has more experience against top-notch competition. He will cement his claim as the best boxer in the world and will make everybody forget about that embarrasing loss to Trinidad last year. This is still a great fight, however, I like De La Hoya by close decision.




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