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"Mi Vida Loca"

Good to hear that our buddy Johnny Tapia is out of trouble and on his way to recovery. Back in August, during a press conference to announce his fight against Marco Antonio Barrera, Tapia told us that he belongs in the rings. Lets hope he can find peace out of it.

Don't believe it for a minute folks. Oscar DelaHoya will not fight Winky Wright. Why would he want to take on a slick fighter who makes every fighter look bad, or worse yet, who might have a chance to beat him.  I wonder why he's hesitating on fighting Yori Boy Campas.  The hard punching Mexican veteran is a household name who offers almost no threat to DelaHoya's road towards the rematch with Shane Mosley.  

Good to see that Roy Jones finally signed to take on John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight belt.  Should be very interesting. Somehow I still think this fight can fall through. I hope I'm wrong. 

Can't wait to see JuNgLe buddy Juan Manuel Marquez get his much deserved title shot against Manuel "I got more lives than a cat" Medina. Last time we saw Marquez challenging for a crown, he was getting frustrated, and in most ringsider's opinion robbed, against Freddy Norwood.  "Lil Halgler" by the way, as Matt Richardson says, jo Ike Qua and Jose Luis Lopez on their vacation to the Bermuda Triangle.

Memorable Moments Of '02

Three moments stood out while covering events for the JuNgLe this past year.

1.  The near riot back in January during the announcement of DelaHoya vs. Fernando Vargas.  When Vargas shoved DelaHoya, both camps when at it, while some of the staff worked on breaking up the commotion  Joel DelaHoya Jr., Oscar's brother, told Vargas, "you're a fukin' punk." And Oscar grinned at Fernando and told him while making a fist at him "I'm gonna kick your ass." He sure did.

BAD BLOOD. Quotes, photos, and Delahoya/Vargas Q&A

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