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Birds of War: The Messerschmitt's Effect on World War II

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Willy Messerschmitt: A Short Biography
The Messerschmitt Bf109
The Messerschmitt Komet
The Messerschmitt Me262
The Importance of the Messerschmitt
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    Willy Messerschmitt was born on June 26, 1898. As he grew older and wiser, he displayed great interest in airplanes, from the Wright Brothers plane, the Kitty Hawk, to those of his own design, the Messerschmitts. Many different models of his planes were constructed during World War II. "The Luftwaffe flew these light attackers into many battles during the daytime as well night time." The Messerschmitt aircraft won many victories for the German Alliance during World War II. A fine example of this is "Major Erich Hartmann who was Germany's top fighter ace in World War II.
    Major Erich Hartman was the highest scoring fighter pilot of all time. He had achieved 353 victories by the end of the war. Most of his operational career was spent with JG52 on the eastern front, flying various versions of the BF109," (which you will learn about within the next pages). "Post war, he was held prisoner in Russia for 3 years, and later joined the new Federal German Air Force, rising to the rank of colonel." Without the series of Messerschmitt planes that the German army constructed, the German forces would have been a much weaker force in what was to be proclaimed as "Hitler's War."
    Like all aircraft when first constructed, the Messerschmitt aircraft did have some problems. The test pilots and engineers that worked on the crafts themselves corrected these. Their expertise and experience brought modifications to the crafts that made them operate correctly. The Messerschmitt aircraft became the world's best aircraft of that era. The infamous Sopwith Camel closely followed the various Messerschmitt models.
    The German planes showed great speed, superior handling, great technical design, and overall, exemplified that they would soon become the whole world's standard for combat aircraft. The fighter planes flown today would not be the highly sophisticated air vehicles they are, if the Messerschmitts were not constructed. Aviation history, social history, economic stature of countries, and even the most elaborate space programs in the world would be drastically as well. On the following pages you will learn about specific models of aircraft that Willy Messerschmitt as well as other German engineers of that time constructed. After the 109 series, aircraft such as the 163 and 262, became the first planes int he world to ever be powered by rocket and jet propelled engines.



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