The Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is the book which the three sisters consult before they go and fight warlocks, and other demons. It was written by their ancestors and each witch in the family has added something to it. It has all the spells in it. The Book of Shadows is concidered priceless to warlocks and demons. Many times they have tried to get it. The problem is that one of the Halliwells has to carry it out of the house, or else it won't go out.

Here are some of the spells and other things out of the Book of Shadows.

Something Wicca This Way Comes

The spirit board said...
"To my three beautiful girls
May this give you the light to find the shadows
The power of three will set you free

The incantation that Phoebe read that made the Halliwells witches:
"Hear now the words of the witches
The secrets we hid in the night
The oldest of gods are invoked here
The great work of magic is sought
In this night and in this hour
I call upon the ancient power
Bring your powers to we sisters three
We want the power
Give us the power"

Spell used to kill Jeremy:
"Your love wither and depart from my life and my heart,
Let me be, Jeremy, and go away forever."

I've Got You Under My Skin

"Evil eyes, look unto thee
May they soon extinguished be.
Bend they will to the power of three
Eye of earth, evil and

Thank You For Not Morphing

Spell used to kill the evil neighbors
"When in the circle that is home
Safety's gone and evils roam
Rid all beings from these walls
Save sisters three
Now heed our call."

Dream Sorcerer

Spell Piper and Phoebe used to attract men
"I conjure thee, I conjure thee
I am the queen
you're the bee
As I desire,
So shall it be."

Wedding From Hell
What the knife said that they used to kill Jade
Nec Preue Abigt Qurad Protho Prodigium (I shall not rest until the demon is vanquished)

Spell Jade said to summon bad weather
By asteria
And perciese
Open sky
And do your worst!

Fourth Sister

To call Kali
Come to me Kali
I conjour thee Kali
What the Book of Shadows said about Kali:
An evil sourcerous, cursed into her own dimension. She appears in reflections, and has the power to posses innocents, and uses them to posess a witch's power.

The Truth is Out There...And It Hurts

Truth Spell
"For those who want the truth revealed
Opened hearts and secrets unsealed
From now until it is now again
After which the memory ends.
Those who now are in this house
Will hear the truth from others'

The Witch Is Back

Spell to bring back Melinda Warren
[Each sister put their blood in a locket s they said this]
"Melinda Warren,
Blood of our blood,
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother,
We summon thee."

Curse to put Mathew Tate in the locket
"Outside of time
Outside of gain
Know only sorrow
Know only pain."

Spell to send Mellinda back
"Melinda Warren,
Blood of our blood,
We release you."

Wicca Envy

Delinquishment spell
[Each sister say this aloud]
"From whence they came return them now
Vanish the words, vanish our powers"

The Woogie Man
Spell that kills Woogie Man
"I am light
I am one to strong to fight
Go back to dark where shadows dwell
You can not have this Halliwell
Now go away and leave my sight
And take away this endless night."

Which Prue is It Anyway?

Power multiplying spell
Take My Powers,
Blessed Be
Multiply Their
Strength by

That '70's episode

To unbind a Bond
The bond which was not to be done
Give us the power to see it undone
And turn back time to whence it begun

Spell to send the sisters back to their own time
A time for everything
And to everything it's place
Return what has been moved
Through time
And through space

The Nicholas must die spell
Lavender, Momoso, Holy Thistle
Cleans this evil from our mist
Scatter it's cells throughout time
Let this Nick no longer exist

To Unbind a Bind
The bond which was not to be done
Give us the Power to see it undone
And turn back time to whence it was begun

Blind Sided

Information on Grimlocks adn Auras
Aura-The soul energy that every human posseses.
Grimlock-Underground demons, who roam from city to city killing powerful sources of good by seeing the unique aura which surrounds them, which they are able to do by stealing the eyesight of children.

The Power of 2

Spell to kill Jackson
Ashes to Ashes
Spirit to Spirit
Take his soul
Banish this evil


Love Hurts

Spell to switch powers
What's yours is mine
What's mine is yours
Let our powers cross the line
I offer up this gift to share
Switch our powers through the air

Deja vu All Over Again

Escalation of Time
Wins of time
Gather round
Give me wings
To speed my way
Rush me in my journey forward
Let tommarrow be today


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