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Well here it is, I bet you probably clicked on "who we are" by accident, but... Well so far the big crew consist of... Me and a new member! Lior Zur! If you are a Qbasic programmer and think that your programming skills have a five star rating. Then send me an email with your name and all that, and tell me what kind of games you like to make in Qbasic, and what screen modes you work in.. You know... Well, that's it!

Name: WaXeR MaN

Class: President

Site:Blueprint Software

Email: Waxerman@hotmail.com OR WaXeR_MaN@hotmail.com

Work Done: Some Drug games.. :) and some small screen 12 RPGs.. Love making RPGs!

In The Works: I have been working on some RPG games, and they are looking great! They are all in screen mode 12, but I am starting one in screen 13.

Comment(s): I have been working on and finished some GREAT games! They are very well done, and the beta testers love them! They'll all be up soon! Look for 'em! I'm working on a new game called, Torgo's Revenge! It'll be great I hope. I'm looking foward to working on some great games with the rest of the team...

Name: Lior Zur

Class: Lead Graphics, game thinker-uper guy..

Site:Lior's Qbasic Site And this one...

Email: Zur@inter.net.il

Work Done: QBdraw, QBF editor for Win95, MIX manager, graphic tutorials

In The Works: QBkiller, Fred (small arcade to show how to write ones using QBdraw)

Comment(s): I'm looking forward to work with you.