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Hey! Close the door when you come in! Were you raised in a barn? Anyways... Welcome to the page, here you will find what your lookin' for, probably what you typed in at the search engine you used... I have started my new RPG game called Torgo's Revenge. You can find out more about it by clicking on the image below...

Torgo's Revenge

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A World Called Quixote

This link will be up soon. It is to find out more info on my NEW upcoming screen 12 RPG. Don't let the screen 12 push you away, this does have some okay graphics. Visit back to see if this link is up, you don't wanna miss the demo's.

VAMP, When Darkness Falls.

This link will be up soon too. This is a RPG/action game, but more action then RPG. You search the city in search of blood, your only source of life. This should be a great game. Made in Screen 13, it has real nice graphics, if you've played R.O.T.H this this game will reminde you of it. check this link out when it comes up!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I will be awarding the sites that I think are very well done. That look great and include great programs and information with my site award... So just so ya know, if ya want my award keep your site lookin' great!

Blueprint's Arguments

Come check out the argument of the month! Contribute your comments on which side you think is better! And if you want, send me a topic for another month of.. Blueprint's Arguments!!

Past Week Winners!

If you click on far right happy face of our frame, you'll get wifted away to a secret Qbasic site, that we think is very well done and that provides great information. Go ahead, it won't hurt you, try it! Ohh, and click above for past winners... :)

BlueP-NET & BlueP-Points

A program where you can have your own homepage in to advertise the one you have on the net! Quick, don't wait any longer! Read more about it by clicking on the link above!

Oh... And if ya find any HTML/Spelling mistakes in my page, please Email me... Thanx!

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