What's New

Since there are so many changes to this webpage, I thought this would be easier for all of you to tell what I have done with this page....
10/18~ Added "Comments" Icon/Added this page and "What's New" Icon.
10/19~ Added More Tour Dates w/ 311
10/19~Changed format for Multimedia
10/19~Added "Write the band" section
10/25~Added Hawaii Tour Date
11/5~Added info on new online video game and concert
11/10~Added some sites to check out
11/11~Added more dates to tour (KROQ)
11/11~Added more links
11/13~Added and changed links
11/13~New News about charts
11/14~Homicide has a special message just for you!...
11/16~Added Tour Dates
11/17~Added tons of pics
11/19~New Sugar Ray links
11/19~New Sugar Ray webring
11/25~New soundtrack news + more!
11/25~More Multimedia for the senses
12/10~New news!
11/29~Made Multimedia a new look
11/30~News on a new site with tons of Sugar Ray pictres
11/26~Added interviews with Rodney and Mark!
11/26~Updated the Sugar Ray Equipment page


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